How To Overcome Baby Name Indecision

Congratulations on welcoming a new member to your family. Waiting for the arrival of your sweet baby can be such an exciting time, and the most exciting activity to engage in is figuring out what name to give your precious little miracle. But this isn’t just a cute pregnancy game you play. Picking out the perfect name for your child can sometimes be a more daunting and complicated task than you would have anticipated it to be. Some couples make this job easier for themselves by passing on the same name from one generation to another. Others prefer to browse several lists online to find the most uncommon, unique, classic or trendy name that sounds like the best fit for them. But if you find that you cannot decide what direction you want to go in and find yourself more and more confused as your due date nears, we’ve got a few tips for you. Keep in mind, this is supposed to be an enjoyable experience not a nerve wracking one.

How To Name Your Baby Without Stressing Yourself Out

1. Don’t Fall Prey To Pressure

Before starting on your baby name journey, take the pressure off of yourself to choose the most popular or most unique sounding name. Every parent nowadays thinks that they don’t like common names or classic names. But the most common thing to do is shun things that are popular. There’s nothing wrong with choosing a name that is well liked and has a rich history. Just like it’s okay to be inspired by the most random things. No child’s life is ruined because they have a recognizable name. So, don’t try to unearth a unique and random name if it’s not your style.

2. Make A List

Make A List

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Sometimes it helps to jot down all your favorite names and make a list of all the names you are seriously considering. Have your partner do the same and compare which one’s you both agree on. If you don’t know the gender of your baby yet or want to opt for a gender neutral name, make sure you mention that on your list as well. Then you can sit down, see if any of your choices match and narrow it down to top three. And although you have nine months to mull over your options, most parents wait till the baby arrives to see what name best suits them.

3. Sleep On It

Tensions can rise if your partner has already made up their mind to name your little daughter after their great grandma Meridith but you want a more trendy name like Abby. This coupled with pregnancy hormones can make it seem like it’s the end of the world. But it’s okay to have strong opinions and disagreements when it comes to picking a name. Sometimes all you need is to cool off and sleep on it. Instead of exchanging words that you might regret, give yourself some space and then remind yourself to be open-minded and flexible. Who knows, maybe the name you disliked at 11pm may actually sound great after a good breakfast and a full night’s sleep. Or you and your partner may find a way to compromise and settle on a name like Mary instead,

4. Remind Yourself That Middle Names Exist

Remind Yourself That Middle Names Exist

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If you’ve shortlisted your names and you absolutely can’t choose between them, you can just use one as the middle name. This also works if your partner insists on including a long standing family name when you want something a little more modern or vice versa. This way you can still keep a piece of your family history intact while opting for the name you are most fond of. Not to mention that you can call your child using both these names. As they grow up they can choose which one they favor more.

5. Keep Your Baby Name To Yourself

Keep Your Baby Name To Yourself

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It’s not uncommon for people to start thinking about what they would like to name their baby long before they even conceive one. But it’s important to keep it hush hush if you want the chance to use it in the future. If you’ve reached the age where everyone around has started to have babies of their own, then they are on the hunt for the perfect baby name. And sharing yours, even in confidence may just lead to them poaching the baby name you’ve had in mind for years. So, if you’ve already settled on a baby name with your partner, keep a stiff upper lip and let your friends and family find out once your little one has arrived.

There’s nothing wrong with you if you find the name hunting a little overwhelming and hard. But keep in mind that this is supposed to be a joyous process. Be patient with yourself and be open to a wide variety of names. We’re sure you’ll land on the right one by the time your baby arrives!

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