How To Pick The Best Moisturizing Lotion For Your Baby

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A good moisturizing lotion is an essential part of a sound baby skin care routine. I follow the oiling-bathing-moisturizing regime quite diligently for my babies as well and never skip on a single step. It’s the only way to keep that baby-soft skin smooth and radiant always!

However, having been at a stage where I just couldn’t decide what to use on my baby, I understand the confusion you may face when trying the right baby care products. Particularly a moisturizer as the choices there are endless! Having said that, allow me to show you the hallmarks that characterize the best moisturizing lotion for your baby. You should keep these in mind when picking out one for your baby-

Check the ingredients

The ingredients list matters. Period. A quick glance at the ingredients will let you know if the lotion contains harmful chemicals or not and if it has organic substances in them. Before I purchase a moisturizing lotion for my tiny doll, I always go through the ingredients at the back and then make a choice. It helps in doing away with unpleasant and nasty side effects.

Keep in mind the pH level

Did you know that baby care products such as lotion with the wrong pH level can harm your baby’s skin? Yes, that’s right! The pH level – potential of Hydrogen – of the baby lotion should be an important deciding factor when picking out one. Contrary to popular belief, neutral pH level products, which is generally pH 7, are not the way to go as they don’t match the skin’s pH level, which is pH 5.5. This can wreak havoc on your baby’s skin as a result. They can destroy the acid mantle or the protective barrier of the skin and leave your baby’s skin dry and irritated.

pH level of the skin can be measured on a scale of 0 to 14 (1). A neutral pH level is 7. Acidic levels from 0 to 7, while alkaline levels from 8 to 14. Healthy skin’s pH level is a slightly acidic 5.5, which a baby’s skin achieves at the age of 3 months roughly (2).

Personally, I follow a golden rule of never using any product on my daughter that does not have a pH level of 5.5. That’s how I’ve been able to keep her skin so soft and smooth even though she’s almost one and constantly crawling!

My Recommendation Of The Best Moisturizing Lotion For Baby

Believe me when I say I’ve tried tons of baby lotions! My princess’ skin used to be very dry so I had to go through several lotions before settling on one that actually worked for and also met the criteria I have listed above. I’ve only found one such baby lotion so far and that is my recommendation too!

The Baby Sebamed Lotion is the one I’ve been using on my daughter since she was 6 months old. This lotion is specifically made for dry skin and is quite hydrating if you ask me. Its consistency is a bit thick, which is good in my opinion as it acts as a barrier and prevents further dryness. Besides, since it’s thick, I only have to use a small quantity to get the job done.

The aroma of this made-in-Germany lotion is quite pleasant. The lotion in itself has proven to be helpful in soothing dry skin and hydrating it at the same time. I like the fact that this lotion is not greasy and absorbs quickly, a win in my eyes.

Since Sebamed’s products are formed in collaboration with dermatologists, I’ve found them to be safe for use. So don’t worry and give it a shot! I hope this article helped you in deciding the best moisturizing lotion for your baby.

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