How To Properly Put The Baby To Sleep In 9 Pics

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Parents are masters of gut instinct and make most decisions on the go. Truth be told, this comes as no surprise. However, while some situations are pretty subjective, others are simply rule-based. So, there is either a right answer or a wrong one. It is the first few months after the baby is born that are the most challenging. It is a time full of uncertainties where most parents keep doubting themselves. They aren’t sure whether they are doing the “parenting thing” right. The two things that parents are most concerned about are feeding and napping. When it comes to putting the baby to sleep, there is a suggested method to follow in order to keep him/her as comfortable and safe as possible.

Here, we bring you some tips that you can follow to ensure your infant has a sound sleep:

1. Dark Room Is The Key

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Switching off the lights can give a signal to the little one that it is time to close his/her eyes. Try to keep his/her days bright and the nights dark. Also, avoid switching on the lights if he/she wakes up in the middle of the night. It might give the baby a false alarm that it is daytime and you surely don’t want that at 2 in the morning.

2. Get To Work When He/She Is Drowsy

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Don’t wait till your little one is already asleep. We know it is tempting to cradle your baby till he/she sleeps and then put him/her down in the crib. But, it is essential for the baby to learn how to settle down and soothe himself/herself to dreamland. So, try putting your angel down as soon as he/she feels drowsy.

3. No Eye Contact Please

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We know that it is hard to avoid gazing into your tiny angel’s eyes. But, try not to do that when you are convincing him/her to sleep. The eye contact might stimulate your baby and the chances are that you might have to pull an all-nighter. Trust us, in this case, less is more.

4. Refrain From Nighttime Diaper Change

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One misconception that most parents have is regarding the diaper change in the middle of the night. But as his/her clean bum feels fresh, so does he. You may now have to go through the song and dance routine all over again for your baby to sleep. So, if he doesn’t smell of poop and isn’t soaking wet, you may want to give the diaper change a skip in the night.

5. Empty Crib May Help

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While grownups may need a pile of comforters and soft pillows to feel comfy, your baby doesn’t. It is essential to ensure your baby is safe at night, so a fitted crib sheet is enough to accompany your little one.

6. Keep It Simple, Go For Onesies

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In the initial days, babies are still learning to adapt to the outside temperature. Thus, there are chances that they may feel really hot during the night. So, the only piece of clothing your baby may feel the most comfortable in is a one-piece nightwear.

7. Back It Is!

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Even experts suggest this- back is the best when it comes to sleeping infants. Laying your little one on his/her back can reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) (1). So, always put him/her down on his/her back.

8. Keep The Bottles Away

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While it may be convenient to keep your baby’s trustworthy milk bottle next to him/her in the crib, it may not be the best way to get him/her to sleep. This may increase the risk of choking, tooth decay, or even ear infections. So, finish all the bottle business before your little one heads to the crib.

9. Follow A Routine

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Most babies love predictability and stability, so keeping a constant night schedule will help both you and your angel. Fix a time and try to put him/her down to sleep in the same fashion every day. A few exceptions might be there. But, keep it to that.

If you master the art of putting your angel to sleep, then you might just be on your way to master the art of parenting. Go for it!

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