How To Support Your Husband As A New Dad

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You’ve just delivered! The feeling could be emotionally overwhelming and physically tiring. But, hey, well done! You might have already jumped in head-on into your new mummy duties. Diaper changes, feeding schedules, and sleepless nights. In fact, your baby would have become the epicenter of all your activities. However, in the middle of all this, your husband might be clueless as to where he can fit in. With no direction or idea about handling a baby, he’d kinda feel lost and probably left out too. But then, a new dad will be as eager as a new mom to care for his little one. Here’s how you can support your husband to find his feet as a new dad:

Take A Step Back

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Your husband is waiting for an opportunity to bond with the baby. You get to do so while breastfeeding, sleeping, or even bathing your baby. It might be around-the-clock. But only when you step back will your husband be able to step in. So, provide him with opportunities to bond with the baby by taking a break every now and then. Let your husband pitch in wherever he can.

Guide Him

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Even after getting an opportunity, your husband might hold back due to his nervousness in handling the baby. Often, new dads are scared of hurting their babies assuming they might not hold correctly or drop the baby. Just guide your husband and reassure that he’ll do just fine.

Tell Him Things In Exact Words

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Another way that your husband can make a difference is by helping both you and your baby. However, he cannot assume what you might need since he’s still learning. Thus, no matter what it is, tell him clearly and in exact words.

Patience Is The Key

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As women, we have natural motherly instincts that help us understand our baby’s needs in a jiffy. However, this is not the same for your husband. So be patient with him as he makes genuine efforts to learn things about his baby.

Encourage And Motivate

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While your husband works really hard to become a good dad, he might still falter at times. Like not being able to soothe the crying baby. This might frustrate him a lot. So, try and encourage his efforts. Highlight what he has achieved and motivate him to take up further responsibilities.

Lend Him An Ear

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Half your job is done only when you “listen” to what your husband says. It is easy for his words to drown in the constant buzzing in your mind about the baby duties. However, do make it a point to sit back, sip a cup of coffee and listen to your husband’s concerns.

Make It Teamwork

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Comparisons are very obvious. You may not do it, but your husband’s parents or friends might constantly compare him to you. It’s unfair to give child-rearing a mother v/s father flavor. Make him understand that it’ll always be teamwork toward a common goal – the well-being of your child.

Believe In Him

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It is quite understandable if, as a new mother, you find it hard to hand over your baby to someone else’s care. Even if it is your husband. But your trust is what your husband really needs. Your belief in his abilities as a dad will boost his confidence and will lay a strong foundation for his relationship with his child.

Appreciate His Efforts

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Your husband puts in a lot of effort to become a good dad. He might learn how to change diapers, take over the baby to soothe when you are tired, and might even volunteer to baby-sit if you wish to visit your friends. Yet, he needs to know if he’s doing the right thing or headed the right way. When you appreciate his good efforts, it’ll motivate him to continue his good habits further.

There are many ways you can support your husband to become a good father apart from the ones mentioned here. But remember one thing – no matter what others say, it’s your opinion that matters the most to him. Because YOU are the mother of his child!

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