How To Wake Your Children Up For School

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Parenthood means taking everything up on your own shoulders. Once you have kids, their timetable, lifestyle, eating habits, and wellbeing become your sole responsibilities. And, like it or not, you have to deliver everything flawlessly. While you have taken care of most things, and now they are old enough for school, your new challenge is waking them up for school. Like everything else, things are not as easy as they seem when your kids hate waking up on time. This often adds to your burden of running behind the school bus or having to drop them off at school on your own. To ensure you are not caught in a fix, we have some expert tricks up our sleeve. Read on to know the best ways to get your kids up for school on time!

1. Maintain A Routine

Maintain A Routine

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The best way to make your kids wake up on time is by following a healthy sleep routine. This begins by limiting the use of screens and technology an hour before they go to bed. So basically, they should have a wholesome dinner with the family, pack everything up for the next day and then go straight to bed. Make sure you keep the lights very dim in the room and leave no distractions for them to keep them up all night. If they share the room with a sibling, make sure they don’t stay up late talking.

2. Use Loud Music

Use Loud Music

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If your kids refuse to wake up to your routine calls, you must take this to level 2! This is when you switch on the sound system or TV and play the news on high volume. Make sure your kid’s room door is open so they can hear it. If you feel you might disturb the neighbors this way, simply bring the radio to your kid’s room and leave it there for them to wake up and switch it off.

3. Use The Pets

Use The Pets

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If you have dogs or cats at your home, they can significantly help wake the kids up. Simply keep their favorite toy near your kid’s pillow, and watch them wake them up in no time! Mean, but very effective! Even pets like birds can sing to their heart’s content and wake everyone up in the house.

4. Restrict The Coziness

Restrict The Coziness

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This may sound really cruel, but this works like magic for waking your kids up on time. If the room is too cozy, it’s time to take the comfortable blanket out and maybe shoot the temperature up, so laying down is no more fun for the kids! But to do this, you need to wake up 15 minutes early, pull the blinds, take the comforter away, and maybe even turn the radio on!

5. Use Natural Lights

Use Natural Lights

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Who knew the sun would be your best friend when it comes to waking your kids up. If your children struggle to wake up on time, leave the curtains undrawn and let the natural light wake them up. This will ensure they wake up in a good mood and feel fresh for the day.

6. Reward Them

Reward Them

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The best way to parent your kids is through rewards. And no, we don’t mean sugary treats or lavish toys! Rewards can be as simple as giving stickers or more playtime. Make sure you reward good deeds with presents like these and not lure them with the rewards. Doing so will encourage them to bargain and get a deal. Make sure you appreciate it when they wake up on time and prepare for school. Nothing motivates kids more than words of encouragement from you.

7. Let Them Deal With The Consequences

Let Them Deal With The Consequences

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Every parent wants to protect their children from harm, but sometimes that has the opposite effect on kids. For example, you can lecture your kids about what will happen if they are late to school, but they will only pull it out from the other ear. Instead of nagging and making sure they are not late, let them experience what happens when you don’t drive them to school. This is when they will learn that their actions have a consequence that has to be dealt with by no one else but them. Let them miss a day of school they had been looking forward to, and never again will they wake up late!

Here is a table with the number of hours of sleep your child needs at every age.

8. Hours Of Sleep Humans Need

AgeRecommended Hours of Sleep
Newborn to 3 months14-19
4-12 months12-16
1-2 years11-14
3-5 years10-13
6-12 years9-12
13-18 years8-10

As parents, you have to deal with challenges you never thought existed! Not only do you have to jump out of bed when the alarm rings; you also have to ensure your kids are up and getting ready for school. It might get hectic, but you must remember to cut yourself some slack. As your kids grow up, they need to take up responsibilities like waking up on time and going to bed on time. You can also make it fun by gifting them an alarm clock of their choice that will get them excited about walking up and switching it off. So, do you have any ideas to get your kid ready for school in time? Let us know in the comments section! Take care.

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