I Don’t Have A Single Stretch Mark Post-Delivery And Here’s My Secret

I Don’t Have A Single Stretch Mark Post-Delivery And Here’s My Secret

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Pregnancy has its perks. No, really believe me! You can make the most unreasonable food demands and have them fulfilled by your hubby, even if it’s 2am in the morning. And the pampering at this time is just unparalleled. It’s like having one really long birthday! But yes, it surely has its dark underbelly (quite literally!). What with the morning sickness, the labor pain and other discomforts, it can easily be called a roller-coaster ride.

While my ride was relatively smooth all throughout my pregnancy, I was terrified of one post-pregnancy outcome and that was stretch marks. I had seen my mum go through them after my younger brother was born and the marks are still there. Very much visible whenever she wears a saree. I, for one, never wanted to end up like that! I like wearing my fair share of sarees, lehengas and crop tops that show off my waist. So visible stretch marks are completely out of the question for me!

That’s why when I got pregnant, I put my research cap on and started looking for ways I could avoid stretch marks or at least make sure they are gone even if they do appear. For days I was glued to my PC searching for ways! I even called up all my fellow mommy friends to find out what works and what doesn’t. That’s when I found my secret!

I Don’t Have A Single Stretch Mark Post-Delivery And Here’s My Secret1

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I’ll admit though. Before trying my secret, I was skeptical about it. I really wanted to make sure I didn’t get nasty stretch marks that just don’t go! But I went ahead anyway since there over 5881 reviews on Amazon that were testifying that the oil had been simply amazing and there were actually scientific studies that proved it worked! My experience too left me pleasantly surprised and extremely happy.

Want to know my secret? I know I’ve made you wait long enough so I’ll just say it! My secret is Bio Oil. It might not be very surprising for a lot of you considering how famous Bio Oil is in this category. It is sold is in 127 countries and is the number one stretch marks remover in 17 nations worldwide. But trust me, it works! And it works wonders on top of that.

During my course of research I found out that to minimize stretch marks, Bio Oil should be used from the second trimester of pregnancy onwards. It used should be used after delivery too for 6 to 9 months for maximum results. And that’s exactly what I did.

The application process is simple. I just had to put a few drops on my palms and rub them on target areas such as belly, hips, breasts, thighs and buttocks twice a day. Of course, the nipple area should be avoided. Following this routine worked very well for me! I ended up with practically no stretch marks after my baby was born!

And if you were wondering, no it’s not sticky or oily at all! It actually dries up pretty quickly, as soon as it seeps into the skin. It’s intensely moisturizing too and I can vouch for it since I have very dry skin! No wonder so many women all over the world love it and science backs it (1).

I believe that the oil form is actually way better than the cream form. Its active ingredients, which are lavender, rosemary, chamomile, calendula essential oils and vitamins A and E btw, last much longer this way and are able to work better too.

Would I recommend my no stretch marks post-delivery secret to all the lovely mommies out there? Of course I would! Ladies, this is the way to go if you want to be stretch marks-free like me.

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