'I Was Told I Couldn’t Conceive Naturally': One Mum's Story

'I Was Told I Couldn’t Conceive Naturally' One Mum's Story

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When you ask women about their idea of a perfect life, most of them would imagine a loving husband, a beautiful home, and adorable kids. This is a dream that a lot of women secretly hold close to their hearts. But, there are times when you find yourself in a situation where all these dreams come shattering. And, that feeling can be quite devastating. I can tell you this because something similar happened to me.

Like most regular girls, I envisioned this dream of a perfect life ever since I was young. Marriage, kids, and a home that I can call my own is all that I wished for. And, that feeling grew much stronger when I saw my elder sisters living the dream that I had pictured for myself. So, I found the love of my life, got married, and everything was going perfect.

After a couple of years, my husband and I decided to get pregnant. We started making efforts to conceive. From the ovulation kit to a perfectly-timed lovemaking session, we did it all. However, disappointment came when I could not get pregnant even after several months of trying. This is when both of us decided to visit a doctor to get a professional opinion. My life came spiraling down when the doctor informed me that I may never be able to conceive naturally. I was suffering from this hormonal condition called Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which can also affect a woman’s ability to get pregnant (1).

Fighting Against The Odds

Fighting Against The Odds

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Fortunately, my doctor was super understanding and he immediately started offering me solutions.

So, I conceived my first child, thanks to this process known as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Even my lovely husband supported me through it all. Goes without saying, when I finally gave birth to our son, both of us were on top of the world. We were so happy that we didn’t mind anything, be it the constant waking up in the middle of the night or the dirty diapers. We loved every bit of being a parent.

We were so happy that neither of us thought of having a second child. After all, this, in itself, seemed like a blessing. My son was just about a year and a half old when I suddenly started feeling super tired. The exhaustion and the tiredness were so bad that I would often take him to my mom’s place so that she could take over as I nap for some time. But, I assumed this to be a part and a parcel of parenthood. After all, my son was a toddler at the time and kept me on my toes all day long.

However, one day, when I was bringing my son back from my mom’s place that something happened. Something that set off all the alarm bells in my head. I found myself to be so exhausted that I just could not take both of us out of the car.

Suddenly, I Realized That I Might Be Pregnant…

Suddenly, I Realized That I Might Be Pregnant...

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Moreover, a friend of mine who was expecting came over that day and mentioned how tired pregnancy is making her feel lately. The thought was stronger than ever – is it possible that I was pregnant? But, it seemed so unlikely. I took the home pregnancy test and was surprised when I saw the second pink line appear. I then called my husband to break the news to him. He was, of course, shocked but also quite happy. But, true happiness came when the doctor confirmed the news. Guess what? I was already 18 weeks pregnant!

I know you are wondering how I ignored all the signs and symptoms – nausea, vomiting, morning sickness, etc. But when you don’t expect something to happen, that is how it is. I attributed these symptoms to everything else but pregnancy. It took me another week or so to sink in the news, but when it did, I was on cloud nine. I just felt so lucky because I knew it was a miracle!

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