If You Want To Get Pregnant, Do These 5 Things Right Now!


Have you made the “big” decision to start a family? Are you finding it hard to wait for the moment when you will finally receive the good news? It is pretty normal to have such feelings, especially since you might have already envisioned holding your little one in your arms. Although getting pregnant sounds like a simple task, this is not always the case. At times, it takes longer than expected. And, this might end up making you just a tiny bit frustrated. But, don’t you worry. Like always, we, at MomJunction, have your back. Here, we bring you some tips that might help you get pregnant just a tiny bit sooner:

1. Bid Goodbye To Your Birth Control Pills


Get rid of anything that is hormone based and long-term, thus, giving your body its due time to adapt and adjust. Perhaps, you would have spent quite a number of years trying your best not to get pregnant. That is why it is a little more important to give yourself time to become both mentally and physically adjusted. So, gradually embrace this beautiful transition from “Oh, I can’t be pregnant!” to “Please God, I hope it is a good news!”. Believe it or not, it takes some time getting used to.

2. Indulge In More ‘Healthy Person’ Stuff


Let us be honest, we often tend to take our body for granted. And, if you are guilty of doing this too, it is time that you take charge. Having made the decision to bring another little person into existence, it becomes pertinent to make some healthy lifestyle choices. And, what are these lifestyle choices, you ask? If you make an appointment with the doctor once in a blue moon, it is time to get more frequent with your visits. And, kick that butt if you smoke currently (pun intended!). Also, if you soak yourself in caffeine on a daily basis, it is time to make a change. Of course, you already know how to live healthily. And, now is the perfect time to start!

3. Stay Updated About Your Monthly Cycle


Here, we are not talking about complex math problems like trigonometry and calculus. But, get set to do some simple math. So, if you have a standard 28-day monthly cycle, you are most likely to start ovulating on the 14th day. So, mark the day that you start menstruating and then subtract 16 days from that date. Now that you have the number in the head, know that you are most likely to ovulate for five days after that particular date. Still seems like a lot of math to you? Don’t worry as there are enough websites and applications available that can help you determine your fertility window.

4. Loads Of Lovemaking


If you are planning to have a baby, now is the time to indulge in lots of lovemaking. Just go big with romance. Instead of scheduling your lovemaking, schedule your moments of romance. After you have figured out the best time for you to indulge in physical intimacy, just don’t get right down to business. Perhaps, a movie before or a candlelight dinner with your beloved? After all, you might not get time for such intimate moments once your little one arrives in the world.

5. Don’t Stress About It


We understand that this is easier said than done. But, worrying rarely helps. Of course, you might feel stressed about not hearing the good news when you are trying. But, do things to distract yourself from these unhelpful bouts of stress. Perhaps, eat an entire bucket of ice cream or watch a movie curled up in your couch. Do what you have to do to keep yourself relaxed and optimistic!

We hope that these tips help you unfold a beautiful, new chapter in your life. Until then, wishing you loads and loads of luck!

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