6 Important Questions Every Pregnant Woman Needs To Ask Her Doctor

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Motherhood is a beautiful journey and an important phase in your life. Whether you are a first time mum or had babies before- requisite care, attention, and precautions are essential to ensure that you and your baby enjoy a healthy pregnancy term.

You might subscribe to various sources to gain all the necessary knowledge related to pregnancy, labour and child-birth, but most of the information available in booklets or websites are generic ones. Since each pregnancy and body type is different, aspects like diet, nutrition or activities related to your pregnancy also need personalized observation and advise. And, there is nobody better than your obstetrician-gynaecologist to guide you towards a healthy pregnancy regime that is suited to your body and its needs.

In case you are wondering about the questions you should ask or the areas you should touch upon during your discussion with the doctor, we are giving you some pointers that will help you get relevant information regarding your pregnancy and help you make more informed choices.

1. What are the Right Kinds of Exercises Recommended for You?

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Exercise is a great way of toning and keeping your body fit during pregnancy. However, you need to consult your doctor before you take up any exercise. While swimming and walking are generally considered safe all through the term, other forms of work-outs like yoga, aerobics or gym activities have to be undertaken only under expert supervision. The exercise regime has to match your pregnancy trimester and your body type as well. If you have medical conditions like asthma, bleeding or cervical issues, then you should avoid any form of strenuous activity. Therefore, always work-out under the guidance of your OB-GYN. For more information, click this link. (1)

2. What Are the Right Foods for You?

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You should follow a nutritionally rich and balanced diet during pregnancy. However, it is better to avoid certain food groups that are prone to pollutants, toxicity or contamination. (2) Pregnancy may require you to up the supply of certain vital components like vitamins, folate etc. Or if you have some medical conditions like gestational diabetes or anaemia, then your diet would need certain modifications or supplementation. Therefore, planning your food chart after consulting your health practitioner would be an ideal thing to do.

3. Can Sex Be Considered Safe for You and Your Baby?

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Do not hesitate to clarify if sex is a safe option for you during pregnancy. As such, sex is considered safe and even your pregnancy hormones increase your craving for intimacy, but if you have conditions like multiple gestation, vaginal bleeding or placental issues, it is better to avoid sex. Do consult your gynaecologist for more information.

4. What Are the Recommended Pregnancy Vaccinations?

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Pregnancy vaccinations like the influenza vaccine or the Tdap vaccine protect your body and foetus from any untoward complications that may occur due to the viruses. But you must avoid the vaccines that may contain live, activated viruses. (3) It is best to take your doctor’s guidance before you go for any vaccination.

5. Which Pain-Management Choices are Best for You?

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Depending upon the hospital policies and your condition during labour, you can be provided with a number of pain-reducing aides like gas and air, analgesics, topical anaesthesia (epidurals) etc. However, you must have a discussion with your doctor regarding the pros and cons of each technique, so that you can make an informed choice.

6. What Are Your Chances of Having a Caesarean?

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There are certain factors that increase the chances of a caesarean delivery – like age, weight, placental complications, gestational diabetes etc. Consult your doctor to understand the details of a caesarean birth in case you have to undergo the surgical procedure. Also, take guidance regarding post-operative precautions and care.

Constructive advice from your doctor will help you to plan your pregnancy term in a way that is suited to your body requirements. Plus, it is great to be adequately informed, so that your pregnancy and labour is smooth and stress-free.

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