5 Important Questions Regarding Stretch Marks - Answered.

5 Important Questions Regarding Stretch Marks - Answered.

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Whether you’re a man, woman or child, stretch marks can appear on your skin irrespective of your age or gender. In fact, stretch marks are pretty common and so are the number of remedies available for them in the market. Stretch marks develop as vertical lines on fat-prone areas that change color from bright red, purple or pink when fresh to a pale shade once they become old.

Now, these are the basics, which you likely already know. Of course, you may have questions beyond the basics of stretch marks and that’s what we’re here to answer! Given below are 5 important questions regarding stretch marks along with their answers so you’re always in the know-

1. Why Do Stretch Marks Appear?

Why Do Stretch Marks Appear

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Stretch marks can appear for multiple reasons and on multiple parts of your body. Most commonly found in areas with large fat deposits such as the hips, thighs, buttocks, breasts, arms, and belly, stretch marks can be attributed to growth spurts, pregnancy and rapid weight gain or loss (1). You might also get stretch marks if you do some weight training or take medications like corticosteroids. With that being said, your skin is made up of three layers – the epidermis (top layer), dermis (middle layer) and hypodermis (the deeper layer). Stretch marks appear when the middle layer of your skin tears due to stretching. The main reason for stretch marks is the tearing of the middle layer of your skin due to extreme stretching of it.

2. Is There A Difference Between Pregnancy Stretch Marks And Other Kinds?

Is There A Difference Between Pregnancy Stretch Marks And Other Kinds

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Studies show that 50 to 90% of pregnant women will get stretch marks before their delivery (2). So, that begs the question – are they any different? Well, they could be. A few medical experts opine that pregnancy stretch marks may be the result of hormones (3). Or genetics, as you’re likely to get pregnancy stretch marks if your mom had them too. Besides, they may also be itchy and generally develop only around your belly and breasts.

3. Do Stretch Marks Last A Lifetime?

Do Stretch Marks Last A Lifetime

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If you ask medical experts, they will tell you that stretch marks last a lifetime. They are permanent and nothing can be done. While that may be the truth, stretch marks can be definitely lightened to an extent that they almost become invisible with the help of anti-stretch marks products! However, we believe there’s a cure as we have tried that cure and found it to be successful. Of the many anti-stretch mark treatments in the market, our favorite has been Bio Oil. Millions of women all over the world recommend it as an extremely effective remedy that ensures your stretch marks are not permanent and nearly gone!

4. Can They Be Prevented?

Yes, they can be! If you intend to lose or gain weight or are pregnant, there are ways you can prevent stretch marks from happening. While several home remedies exist for this purpose, the most commonly suggested DIY method by both experts and commoners alike is Bio Oil. Women from all geographies and countries rely on it as an effective preventive measure. The simple trick is to use Bio Oil regularly, twice daily, so you can stop your skin from getting scarred. If you’re pregnant, you can start applying from your second trimester onwards and continue to do so to ensure you don’t get stretch marks. Following a good diet and keeping yourself hydrated can also help.

5. Which Is The Best Stretch Marks Treatment?

Stretch marks can be treated in several ways. You can apply medicated or non-medicated creams to the affected areas, try out DIY home remedies or undergo a cosmetic procedure such as a chemical peel for example. However, each of these has drawbacks. Creams and home remedies are usually not that effective and cosmetic procedures are not forgiving on the bank balance.

So, if you’re looking for the best treatment for stretch marks, you should have to ditch the above and try Bio Oil instead. It’s inexpensive, effective, and scientifically proven to work (4)! Its active ingredients include skin healing substances such as vitamins A and E and extracts of lavender, chamomile, calendula, and rosemary.

Bio Oil is non-sticky (due to the presence of PurCellin Oil™), quick drying, and intensely moisturizing, ensuring your skin stays soft, supple, and spot-free! That’s not all of its merits though! We found that Bio Oil has not only received the love of millions of women but it has also won 350+ international awards in skincare and is used by famous celebs such as Kim Kardashian, Sonam Kapoor, and Priyanka Chopra. Now that’s amazing! Bio Oil can also be used to get rid of other kinds of scars such as those caused by surgeries and acne.

We hope that answered all of your questions about stretch marks. If you still have more, you can share them with us in the comments below and we’ll make sure we answer them for you!

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