Incredible Video Of Cat Soothing A Fussy Baby

There is a general belief that cats are selfish. They approach you only when they want food. But this beautiful creature just goes to prove you wrong. In a recent video posted by a mother, you can see their cat taking on as the ‘purrrfect’ babysitter!

In fact the mother could not believe her eyes when she saw the cat watching over the baby as it lay in its bassinet.

It so happened that her sweet little baby was being fussy. There was nothing particularly wrong, but for the fact that tiny babies like to get cranky and grumble for nothing. This time too, the baby neither needed a diaper change, nor was it hungry. Rather, it was it’s nap time and it had eaten plenty of food already.

Even before the mother could come soothe the baby, she found something intersting. The vigilant mom who watches her baby every moment had her attention caught by her cat calmed down the baby instantly like magic. Perhaps the paw-touch of this kind cat did the trick. We bet this cat will turn out a great mommy herself. Watching the video makes it all the more cuter.

Babies like to make grumpy noises, flap their hands and legs, and call for attention. Moreover, you can’t ask them to just stop doing so. One, they won’t, and secondly, it all looks very cute. But much before he ends up in a loud cry, this cat does something.

This cat figures out that all that this baby needs is some love and attention. You don’t always have to check its diaper or assume that your baby is hungry.

Besides, the cat also sees her playmate (rather a large looking dog) passing by, but pulls all her attention on the baby.

The little paw-touch does the trick. The baby is quiet again.

Most people demean cats. But they can be such angels!

Do watch the adorable video below!

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