Incredible Video Showing 9 Months Of Pregnancy In 4 Minutes

When I got to know that I was pregnant I felt different, even a little scared. When the baby started growing in my womb I was amazed by the changes. And then one day, I felt a ticklish kick inside. My joy had no bounds. I have touched my belly for hours smiling to myself for no reason. I have wondered how my little angel is hanging in there. I have been worried and emotional. I have been singing to my baby and dancing when no one is around. In this baby growing in me, I have found a companion. And though we have never seen each other, we know how being together feels.

No words can do justice to the magic of motherhood. From conception to childbirth, the fetus glides through stages of growth that are not just complex but unimaginable. What begins as a combination of tiny cells forms into a beautiful human in the span of 9 months. Each month offers something unique, something you have never experienced before. And let me tell you, as much as physical, it is also a spiritual journey. The only time when there are two hearts beating in your body at the same time.

Many women have experienced this blissful journey, many are in the middle of it, and many others are looking forward to it. A woman’s body is equipped to create the most intricate and interesting entity – another human being. And there’s a lot that goes into this process spanning over 40 weeks. Ever imagined creating a human in 40 weeks? Well, women have been doing it since the advent of mankind.
The experience of bearing and birthing a baby is one thing, but have you ever wondered what is exactly happening inside the womb of an expecting mommy?

One out of the millions of sperms competing to make it to the egg finally wins. It combines with the egg, and the egg begins its journey down the fallopian tube till it reaches the safe walls of the woman’s uterus. That’s when a baby starts taking shape. From tiny bones to complex organs, everything is developed with a stunning mechanism. The synaptic networks of the brain are formed; heart begins to beat to the rhythm of life. Limbs, fingers, toes and their movements – the growth chart keeps escalating till the baby is ready to enter the world.

Now you might question

What is new in these details? We know it all. Here’s what’s new. A sneak-peek into the most marvelous creation ever! Creation of a baby in mother’s womb.

This incredible video condenses the 9-month long gestation period into 4 minutes. And bet you will be awe-struck by the end of it. Don’t be surprised if this is one of the most beautiful things you have ever watched. This is life. And all that goes into the making of it. This is magic. Pure, unquestionable, everyday magic. Made possible, day after day, by women around the world. Watch it to believe it.

Isn’t it spectacular? Didn’t I mention you are about to go through the 4 jaw-dropping minutes of your life? And don’t you appreciate women a little more than before after watching this? Sure you do.

We all started as tiny nuggets floating in our mother’s body only to become what we are today. This video is a reminder of how many forces were at play to make sure we exist. A soul-stirring reminder of the incredible mysteries of life. An answer to every question, a ray of faith in every doubt, an epic inspiration amidst chaos and struggle. If this is possible, everything is. Absolutely everything.

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