9 Inevitable Things To Check Out For In A Maternity Hospital

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We were confused and frustrated. I was five months pregnant and was already loathing the regular health check-ups. No, this was not because of my health condition but because of the attitude of the healthcare providers.

In the first five months, I have already changed three hospitals. The first hospital drove me crazy with the long waiting times. Prior appointments never had any sanctity, and half of my day would go waiting there to see the doctor.

Then, I went to this famous doctor who had little time for the patients and I could barely discuss my ailments and fears with her.

The third hospital saw the patient as a money-minting machine, to put it short.

My husband and I were upset. We wanted a hospital that will suit me in the long run, that is a hospital where I could deliver my baby safely in a natural way. After all, a safe and painless delivery is every mother’s birth right, isn’t it?

We talked to several of our friends and colleagues and did our own research too. Then, one name came up quite frequently and prominently: Rainbow Children’s Hospital. We took an appointment and our first visit was surprisingly pleasant. After a couple of more visits, we were sure that this is one hospital that I can continue to visit until my delivery and beyond.

No wonder Rainbow Children’s Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Bengaluru. Here is why I recommend it to every expectant mother:

  1. Friendly outpatient services: This was the one I was desperately looking for. The hospital understands a pregnant woman’s condition and respects her time. You can find the full range of laboratory and ultrasound services at one place. They provide you with information leaflets regularly, so that you can refer them when in doubt.
  1. Antenatal classes: Your mind is filled with questions and dilemmas during pregnancy. Whether to eat this fruit or not, to squat on the floor or not, to drink juices or not, and many more. Not just that, you could have several minor ailments, which do not require a doctor’s attention but do need some special care. Rainbow offers its patients ante-natal classes, where an expert childbirth educator answers all your questions.
  1. Prepares you for a normal delivery: This was unbelievable! In the times when hospitals are instigating women to go for a C-section delivery, this hospital not only encourages but also prepares women for a natural birth! In fact, at Rainbow, the normal delivery rate in first time pregnancies (primigravidas) is as high as 65%.
  1. Vaginal births after C-section: There is a general belief that if the first delivery is a C-sec, then the second one, too, would be a C-sec. However, after you visit Rainbow, your perception changes, and your hope for a natural birth increases.
  1. Painless labor: For women who fear the excruciating pain during labor, the in-house anesthetist gives you an epidural on demand. This makes labor much more manageable.
  1. State-of-art birthing center: The center has two fully equipped birthing suites, a pre-labor waiting area and a postnatal observation bay. You have gynecologists to help you in the labor room at any time of the day.

Also, neonatologists are present at the time of your baby’s birth, so that they can examine the baby immediately after they are born.

  1. Post-natal care: The hospital encourages one of the family members to be with you inside the labor room to help you physically and morally. Once you are moved out of the labor room, the lactation specialists talk to your about breastfeeding and give tips to take up and sustain breastfeeding for your baby.

While these are patient-specific services, Rainbow Hospitals is also known for its quality of service and cleanliness.

  1. Closely monitored quality services: The hospital keeps a close eye on the quality of the services it offers. The management makes sure that its doctors and staff adhere to policies, procedures and protocols, infection control practices are implemented on the premises, the staff undergo continuous training, and more. The best part is that their quality standards are not static but are evolving and improving.
  1. Healthy employees: Healthy and happy employees mean better services to the patients. Rainbow knows this pretty well. Hence they conduct health drives for their employees and vaccinate them all.

I had a healthy baby through natural birthing. The Rainbow staff helped me sail through the pain of childbirth and deal with new mom blues. I could recover completely within a couple of months thanks to the post-pregnancy care of the hospital. Every time I look at my chubby little one, I cannot help saying, “Thank you Rainbow for respecting and upholding my motherly birthrights.”