10 Interesting Facts About Pregnancy That Are Also Strange

Facts About Pregnancy That Are Also Strange

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Most moms out there, or even moms who are currently pregnant will tell you that giving birth and going through pregnancy is no piece of cake. Yes, it may be the miracle of life, but the journey is filled with weird ups and downs.

Pregnant women may not know what to except and sometimes they may even be surprised with what happens to their body. So just imagine a layman who knows next to nothing about pregnancy and giving birth. Women who have been pregnant find the process fascinating themselves. For example, one even said, “There is nothing like growing a human inside of your own body. Having given birth three different times, I feel like I learned more and more about the process and all of the weird (and usually normal) symptoms of pregnancy.”

Since pregnancy and giving birth is such a complex and intriguing process, there are plenty of things that one may or may not know. So, if you want to know interesting, but also strange facts about what goes on then just keep reading.

  1. A lot of people may know this fact, but for those of you who don’t, brace yourself for some cringe worthy truth. Usually, during the second half of pregnancy, your baby pees an approximate of 1 litre per day! And that’s not all – they even drink the pee! Don’t say we didn’t warn you.
  1. Typically, when you near the end of your pregnancy period, the placenta produces more oestrogen in 1 day than a non-pregnant woman can produce in 3 whole years!
  1. This may not be very well known, but did you know that it’s common for women to have a change in skin tone during pregnancy. Apparently, it happens around 90% of the time. For those of you who wear make up, you just have another excuse to go shopping 
  1. In order to provide for your child while in the womb, pregnant women have an increased amount of blood in theirs system. This can result in bloody noses and bloody gums more often than not.
  1. Speaking of an increased amount of blood, did you know that your heart grows during pregnancy? It has to work harder, as it has to pump more blood for the growing bundle of joy. Here we thought only your external body swells, not your heart.
  1. Babies cry in the womb, not because of any particular reason, or that they’re said, it’s because they’re practising for birth. However, because of all the fluid in the womb, you can’t hear them crying. How weird is that? Knowing your baby is crying inside of you, but that you actually have no idea.
  1. This may or may not freak you out a little but don’t worry because it’s completely normal. Pregnant women are more prone to broken bones because of a hormone called Relaxin. This hormone softens your joints so that your hips and pelvis open up and get wider for the baby to pass through. Too bad the hormone works on ALL joints.
  1. Here’s a really bizarre occurrence. It’s been noted that dads gain weight along with their pregnant partners because they can share pregnancy symptoms. Scientists have actually documented it!
  1. All you mommy-to-bes don’t worry if you forget things more than before, or if you’re feeling like a scatterbrain. There’s a reason behind it – pregnant women have less oxygen in their blood, which results in “pregnancy brain” otherwise known as forgetfulness.
  1. Here’s a fun fact about the placenta: humans are the only mammals that don’t ingest their placenta after birth, although you’re more than welcome to. Wait, it gets weirder – placenta in Latin means, “cake.”

Let us know below if you have more strange facts to add!

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