Pregnant Belly – 7 Interesting Facts About Your Pregnant Belly

Interesting Facts About Your Pregnant Belly

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It might be barely showing or the size of a watermelon by now. But regardless of the shape and size, once the news of pregnancy breaks out, everyone will have a strange fascination towards your belly. And it’s not just adults, you might have encountered several questions from your kids as well. And as your belly grows, you will find more people fascinated by it. You will also find yourself on the receiving end of getting a belly rub from strangers.

If you are in your first trimester or third, here are 7 interesting facts about pregnant belly that will surprise you:

#1: When The Belly Starts Showing

When The Belly Starts Showing

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If you were successfully hiding it for so long, good for you! But by the time you are in your second trimester, your belly will start to grow. The second trimester lasts between 13 to 26 weeks of pregnancy. So it’s time to break the news to your family or friends if you haven’t already (1).

#2: Changes In Your Belly Button

Changes In Your Belly Button

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You might notice some changes in your navel during the second trimester of pregnancy. Your innie might become an outie which is normal during pregnancy. But not to worry, it will go back to its normal self a few months after delivery (2).

#3: The Formation Of Pregnancy Line

The Formation Of Pregnancy Line

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The dark line which extends from the top of your belly all the way to the pubic bone is called Linea Nigra. It might have been present earlier, but as your pregnancy progresses, it becomes darker. The pregnancy line becomes more evident around the 5th month of pregnancy. Just like the outie, even this fades away soon after the birth of your baby (3).

#4: The Size Of Your Baby Bump

The Size Of Your Baby Bump

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No two pregnancies are the same. Similarly, no two pregnant bellies are the same. But once everyone knows you are pregnant, everyone will have an opinion on the size of your baby bump. “You are too big”, “You sure it’s not twins?”, “You are barely showing”, and so on. But don’t let these comments affect you or hide your pregnant belly for that matter. You are carrying a life inside you regardless of the size of your belly.

#5: You Might Still Have A Bump After Birth

You Might Still Have A Bump After Birth

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You might be setting yourself up for disappointment if you believed that once you push the baby from down there, you will get back your pre-pregnancy belly. Some women will get back their normal belly shortly after birth, others might take longer. Each person’s body varies. But with some workout and the right diet, you may be able to get back your flat tummy sooner rather than later.

#6: The Baby Movements

The Baby Movements

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Those butterflies in your stomach which you may experience anywhere between 13-16 weeks could be your baby moving. It’s called quickening. You may experience this quickening when your little one is stretching, punching, rolling or flexing the arms or legs (4). Amazing, isn’t it?

#7: You May Feel Your Baby Drop

You May Feel Your Baby Drop

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The sensation which you get when you feel that the baby has dropped is called lightening. It happens towards the end of your third trimester, just a few weeks before your due date. It is also called engagement, where the baby’s head drops down into the mother’s pelvis (5).

From before starting to show till the time of labor, your belly is constantly changing and evolving. And now that you know these facts about your pregnant belly, you will probably appreciate it even more. Your pregnant belly is also a way to connect and bond with your baby. So, embrace your baby bump!

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