9 Internet Users Prove That Nothing Can Beat Mom’s Sense of Humor

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Some mothers would say parenting is like a roller-coaster ride of emotions. Being a mother could probably turn you into an exhausted human being craving for basic human needs like sleep, rest, and a proper meal without interruptions. In spite of that, mothers are usually just a sweet, gummy smile away from forgetting all the hardships.

While parenthood is romanticized as pure bliss everywhere on the internet, these mothers busted that notion with their candid and funny confessions. Here are a few tweets around motherhood that sent the internet into a laughing fit. Take a look at what these mothers have been doing on Twitter:

1. Personal Space

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Teenagers are infamous for wanting too much privacy and shutting their parents out of their life. A Twitter user shared this funny exchange between her mother and her. This mother had the best response to her daughter protesting the invasion of her space.

2. Social Media and Reality Check

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Trust your mother to put you in your place. This mother shot her daughter down hilariously, and the internet thought it was “totally savage”. The tweet received over two lakh likes and was retweeted around 68 thousand times.

3. Mommy Melt Down

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True that your kids bring light and joy into your life, but they also bring difficulties along with them, more than we like to admit. This professor of literature from the University of California, who is a mother, took to Twitter to spill the beans on the truth about being a mother.

4. Pain In The Neck

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This mom got candid on Twitter about the struggle of raising kids. Interestingly, the tweet is not the only funny thing here. The replies to the tweets are also interesting and speak about how challenging child-rearing is.

5. Murphy’s Law

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According to Murphy, things can go wrong. Though Murphy left it at that, this mom came up with an add-on to that Murphy’s Law, the parenting version. In her defense, parenting invites so many contradicting advice and comments from everyone around.

6. Playlist For Moms

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We often associate mothers with soothing lullabies. It is also true that mothers are held up in a loop of never-ending chores. Music therapy might be popular these days, but this mom thinks that there aren’t enough songs that capture the plight of motherhood accurately.

7. Productivity

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It is said that mothers and kids share a bond beyond comprehension. Sometimes kids surprise us by being really intuitive about their mothers. Unfortunately, this does not always work in the mother’s favor. Kids are popular for picking the most inconvenient time to throw tantrums.

8. Team Work

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As the African proverb goes, it takes a village to raise a child. This is the logic behind grandparents moving in to look after their grandchildren. Children do not see logic or convenience. It takes a team to get through, even if it means teaming up with a stranger in the park.

9. The Truth About Bagels

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The twinkle in the eyes of a child as they explore the world and discover new things is the joy of every parent. But it doesn’t stop at that. As they learn more and more, their experiments get crazier. Unlike adults, they are not bound by the need to behave rationally, so don’t be surprised if you are asked to put the peel back on a banana or “un-toast” the bread.

There is a reason why an old philosopher described children as noble savages. After all, there is nothing that can melt our hearts so easily like kids. That said, raising a human being is as hard as it gets. These women shared their real experiences in the funniest way possible instead of sugar coating the stories, and we respect them for that. Do you have a funny story about being a mother? Do share it with us!