9 Intriguing Discoveries You Make After Getting Married

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Marriage is something every individual looks up to at a certain stage in life. Partners might pour in their dreams into making it a perfect marriage. However, just as not everyone has a fairy-tale wedding, so does not everyone has a rosy marriage. More often than not, you make intriguing discoveries about your spouse only after you get married. You might not want to believe most of what you see in your partner, but marriage can bring a few jolts in life. Here’s what you might discover about your spouse:

1. You are culturally different:

Culture plays a great role in keeping the couples together. If you are the staunch type, who likes to stick to your conventions, then marrying someone from your community would be an important criterion. If you are exposed to multiculturism, and if you think your in-laws would be more than happy to accommodate you, then culture might just be an interesting, but not an important element in your marriage. But to the rest of you, expect some culture shock. Imagine yourself visiting your husband’s relatives for the first time, and they all begin to speak in a language you barely have any knowledge about. How left out would you feel?!

2. Discipline while growing up:

How you were trained while growing up molds your very personality. If you discover that your husband was not disciplined the way you were as a child, then that can create quite a rift. You might be surprised that you will have to organize every little thing about him – right from making the bed, to cleaning up his wardrobe to pairing up the scattered socks to doing everything on the dot. If your spouse is not as organized as you, then you have some additional burden on you all the time to look after the household besides looking after the basic things that are doable by your husband but doesn’t want to do.

3. Where’s the romance:

You thought you were romantic before you got married. After marriage, it might just fizzle out. This is one big shock to quite many couples that contradicts everything they had imagined about a happy married life. Somehow marriage that seizes away the romance that you thought would be the main ingredient to a happy married life.

4. Your husband snores:

What? I never knew he snored all night long! If only you can have a snoring zone in the house so that you can catch up on your beauty sleep!

5. Weird habits:

Some men don’t want to give up their bachelor lifestyles – they neither put their socks for a wash nor do their underwears make it into washing machines. They don’t mind reusing the towels from the previous day! It comes to the point whereby your husband has 30 pairs of socks to be worn each day of the month!

6. Food habits:

You notice that either your husband is a voracious eater or he doesn’t eat at all. His taste palette might also be entirely different from the fancy dinner to which he would take you to before you got married.

7. Your husband suddenly seems to have gone stingy:

He might be a master financial master planner, but you no longer get the treats that you thought you were entitled to for all your lifetime.

8. He forgets your birthdays and anniversaries:

Yep, sometimes it could be hurtful, but you might just end up with a homemade regular meal and simply doze off to prepare for work the following day.

9. You just realize that your husband had never been in love with you:

The ultimate realization just hits you pretty soon!

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