Is It Normal For Babies To Get Angry

We’ve all heard about toddler tantrums. The rage, the screaming and the endless crying. But do babies do this too? Well, it depends largely on their personality. Some babies are easier to deal with, as they go with the flow and are generally happy. But others can be a little more intense, spirited, and don’t have a problem letting you know when something is amiss. So, yes, babies can get angry and frustrated when they don’t get their way, or if something or someone has upset them. But it’s not the end of the world. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are going to grow up to be a particularly angry child or adult. It all depends on how you teach them to manage their big emotions. So, if you’re wondering what tips and tricks you can use to diffuse a bad situation and turn your angry baby into a happy one, we’ve got you covered. Read on to know them all.

1. Give Your Angry Baby Words To Use

We understand if you think this one is absurd, but it really does help. It doesn’t matter that your six month old can’t speak and has no idea what you are saying. Giving voice to their out of control emotions can still help them identify what they are feeling. When you say things like,” Are you frustrated that the ball rolled away?” or “You must be angry about sitting in the car seat for so long,” you let them know that you truly understand what they are feeling and going through. Teaching them words that they can utilize to recognise and use later on in life is a huge win in the long term. Besides, sometimes all it takes to calm your little one down is to explain what is happening to them in a natural and organic way.

2. Distract The Angry Baby

Distract The Angry Baby

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If you’re at home or in a space where you can notice the first signs of your child’s frustration, swoop in and distract them. You can offer them a different toy, take them to a window or just start talking to them about something else entirely. This will do a good job of taking their mind off of it. Babies have trouble staying in one spot for a long period of time. So if you’re on a road trip and your little one is getting angsty in their carseat, it’s time to offer them an enticing book, a toy or an ipad. Give them something they can enjoy only when they are in the car. This way it will retain its ability to seem appealing and distract them for longer. You can use this as a tool to soothe them when they need something new to focus on.

3. Respond To Their Needs

Respond To Their Needs

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No one is angry out of the blue, not even babies. No matter what a million ‘experts’ say, you are not going to spoil your baby by tending to their needs. If they need you to comfort them, pick them up and cuddle them. Don’t be afraid to console them physically when they are upset. Babies need you especially when they are overtired and overwhelmed. So if you find that your little one is getting restless when you are out, take them to a quiet place and simply rock them in your arms. This will help calm them down and stop them from having a total meltdown.

4. Prevent Problems

Babies get hangry just like the rest of us. They are also not at their best when they are sleepy, tired or need a nappy change. So, the best thing you can do to prevent a tantrum is to make sure that your little one is well rested, fed and has a clean diaper on before you head out. This way you’ve checked off the 3 major boxes and you don’t need to worry about them getting upset for the above mentioned reasons. If they might get upset because they can’t play with a certain object in their environment, simply take them to a place where the object is no longer in sight. With babies, what is out of sight truly is out of mind.

5. Focus On The Positives

Focus On The Positives

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Yelling is not going to get your baby to listen to you. In fact, it may just aggravate them more. So, instead focus on praising them or cooing at them lovingly to calm down. Offer applause when they do something right and encourage them to keep up their good behavior, like playing with a toy in the car seat. They will be more inclined to continue the action then.

Yes, babies can get angry from time to time, but it is easily manageable. Now that you know a few tips and tricks you’ll be able to evade the situation with finesse. Remember, it’s not the end of the world if they are angry, sometimes all they need to do is feel their feelings in order to calm down again.

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