It Takes All Of Us: This Video’s Message On Breastfeeding Is Magnificent

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What is the most gratifying experience of motherhood? Feeling your baby grab and suckle your breasts for milk. The way the little one sucks milk, the sounds they make while gulping their tasty meal, and the smiles they give the mother once their tummy is filled, are all ethereal.

For the onlooker, it is mysterious how the baby communicates with its mother that it is hungry, it is strange how a mother reads the unsaid message. But it feels like divine to see a baby bond with her mother while breastfeeding.

However, breastfeeding is not easy for a mother. She needs to spend tremendous energy and a lot of time to make sure that her baby is full. It means that her other works at home and office come to a standstill.

Let’s calculate how much time she needs to spend on breastfeeding every day. Assuming that the baby seeks milk every two hours and sucks for around 30 minutes, it takes 360 minutes or six hours in a day!

But if the mother is being burdened with other works like cooking, taking care of the household chores, etc., she is forced to give up on breastfeeding to accommodate her other responsibilities. This is definitely not a healthy thing to do because breastmilk is the best milk for the baby as it helps build the immunity system, has all the vital nutrients that an infant needs, and reduces the risk of asthma and allergies, obesity, cardiovascular diseases in adulthood, SIDS, and more (1).

Not just that, breastfeeding is good for the mother too. It helps her lose pregnancy weight, reduces the chances of breast cancer, and more.

No wonder, experts recommend that the infant needs to be exclusively breastfed for the first six months of their life.

Above all, breastfeeding is the right of every mother and her baby. So, how do we ensure that a busy mother enjoys her right to breastfeed? Simple. By helping her with her other jobs at home and work.

It takes a village – it takes all of us – to raise a child. The mother needs helping hands, caring eyes, and kind hearts to support her bring up the baby.

This message has been beautifully brought out by Nestle India, in its new campaign on the occasion of the World Breastfeeding Week.

The video, ‘It Takes All Of Us’, sends out the much-needed message — share a mother’s burden, help her by taking care of the baby when she is sleeping, find out if you can support her in any way at office, because these small gestures would mean a lot. They will give her time to rest and that can help her breastfeed for longer.

Have a look at the video, and you couldn’t agree more with them.

Nestle’s message resonates with everyone – mother, mother-in-law, husband of course, colleagues at work, and people around. The message says “you too can help a mother breastfeed”. Let’s help a mother breastfeed the baby for longer.

We should say, an apt message in these days of busy lives. Isn’t it?

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