The Biggest IVF Myths, Busted!

The Biggest IVF Myths Busted

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Who doesn’t love babies? We all do. Most couples want to become parents to a cute baby at some point in their relationship. While some get lucky at the very first try, others might take a few more attempts to successfully become pregnant. And then, some couples might not be able to conceive at all despite several attempts due to various medical or social reasons. Such couples often consider going with in vitro fertilization – IVF. It is a practice where a sperm and egg are fertilized in a laboratory and the resulting embryo is then transferred into the woman’s uterus. However, a lot of myths are attached to IVF. Here, we bust some of the common ones for those who are about to undergo or considering undergoing an IVF process. Here goes:

1. Complete Bed Rest Can Improve Chances Of A Successful IVF

Complete Bed Rest

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It is quite understandable for a woman who has just had an IVF to feel very cautious about her every movement. Perhaps, this very cautiousness would have resulted in this myth. Women who’ve just undergone IVF are made to take complete bed rest in the belief that any movement might detach the just-implanted embryo from the uterus. However, once an embryo is successfully transplanted, a woman can go about her normal routine once the doctor green-signals it. There have also been studies which suggest otherwise. In one such study, it was found that women who took complete bed rest following embryo transfer ended up with a negative impact on their chances of getting pregnant (1).

2. IVF Is The Only Way To Deal With Infertility Issues

IVF Is The Only Way To Deal

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Treatment for infertility is subject to the condition of each individual. Like mentioned earlier, infertility can result due to various factors including, but not limited to, medical, social, emotional, and even economical. Therefore, depending on the cause of infertility, the appropriate treatment is recommended. Apart from IVF, there are other ways of treating infertility like fertility drugs, ovulation cycle tracking, ovulation induction, intrauterine insemination, and/or surgery (2).

3. The IVF Procedure Is The Same Way At Every Clinic

The IVF Procedure

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At the surface, the IVF process might seem similar. However, a lot of other factors need to be taken into account for it to result in successful implantation. If you are thinking about going ahead with IVF, then do a bit of research about the clinic you choose. Check for the qualification of the fertility doctors. Find out if the fertility laboratory is of the highest standards because that is where the fertilization is done. Check if the clinic has in-house lab operations and storage facilities. You could also inquire about the training that the faculty has received and the kind of tests that are performed before implantation, like pre-implantation genetic testing.

4. Only Women Suffer From Infertility

Only Women Suffer From Infertility

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This is probably the oldest myth. The moment a couple fails to conceive after a year or two, it is often assumed, by default, that the woman must be at fault. However, male infertility is as much a reality as female infertility. Male infertility occurs due to abnormal sperm function, low sperm production, or blockages that hinder the delivery of sperms. The various factors that can trigger male infertility are injuries, illnesses, lifestyle choices, etc.(3)

5. IVF Is Solely Meant For Couples Suffering From Infertility Issues

IVF Is Solely Meant For Couples

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IVF is for all those who wish to have a baby when they cannot conceive the natural way. This not only includes married couples with infertility issues but also people who wish to be single parents by choice as well as members of the LGBTQ community who wish to experience the joys of parenthood.

We hope that some of the IVF myths busted here prove to be helpful to you. If you still have any more queries on your mind, make sure you discuss this with your doctor. IVF is an important, life-changing procedure which is expensive too. Therefore, don’t hesitate to take a second or even a third medical opinion if need be. Make a well-informed decision before going ahead.

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