Johnson's Asia Pacific KOL Meet – An Experience That Re-Established My Faith In My Favorite Baby Brand

Johnson’s Baby has always been an inseparable part of my life. When there were no baby products available in the market, Johnson’s was the only one that reminded us of pink bottles, pleasant fragrances, and baby touch. So much so, every time I see a Johnson’s product, I hear the cooing of a baby. Despite all the controversies surrounding the Talc and Shampoo, all the media bashing and court cases, my mind refused to doubt this 125-year-old brand that has always stood its ground. And here I talk for myself. As a person who grew up with these products and who, as a mother, uses them on her child. To this day, I carry the pink Johnson’s Baby Lotion bottle in my bag. It reminds me of childhood, care, and the bond I share with my mom and my grandmother.

I am writing this article to share the eye-opening experience that I had at the Johnson’s Asia Pacific KOL Meet held in Singapore.

My three-day stay in the gorgeous Jen Tangling hotel kick-started this joyride filled with information, first-hand experiences in the House of Johnson’s and honest question-answer sessions. The head of baby care products, Asia Pacific, Ganesh Bangalore welcomed mothers, influencers and experts from different parts of the world. It was here that we got to know that Johnson’s Baby has a reach of around 40-50 million households around the globe.

He also introduced us to the new ‘Gentle’ theme and packaging of the new range. Most of the bottles are transparent where you can see the liquids in them. The clear ingredients list on the back of every product gives you an exact idea of what has gone into the bottle.

After Ganesh’s confident yet warm welcome, the stunning host Phoebe Burgess, mother of two, shared her thoughts about what Johnson’s means to her. She also introduced all experts on the house who were to take us through the informative experience during the day.

Some of my favorite sessions were with Dr. Kimberly Capone, Research Associate Director and fellow with J&J Companies. She spoke about how probiotics work on our skin. Her statement ‘just like we eat the right food for our body, we should use the right products for our skin’ made complete sense to me.

She then delved deeper into how scientists at Johnson’s labs ensure that all the ingredients that go into the making of these products are gentle on the baby skin.

The next session by Dr. David Mays was equally interesting. He told us how and why the baby products are made a certain way, what research and thought goes into deciding how the final product should be, the science behind it. This indeed was an eye-opening session.

Many experts took us through different processes where we were made to touch and feel each product to our satisfaction. Dr. James Kennedy’s session on reading the labels and trying to understand them was fun and at the same time thought-provoking. After this session, I realized I have bought so many products just because it looked good, or made some false promise, had a good copy with words like ‘natural’ and ‘organic’.

Reading the labels and understanding them is important, especially for baby products. Pediatrician and Neonatologist, Dr. Natalie Epton gave a heartwarming presentation about how a mother’s touch can be life-changing for a baby. And how Johnson’s has been one of the many reasons to promote this gentle touch. The icing on the cake was the next day when we visited the Johnson’s Lab and saw how our favorite products are made. That’s not all, we also made a baby wash ourselves and realized there can be no way this product will harm my baby. What an insightful experience it was!

This day at Johnson’s is etched in my memory forever, not just because it was a gorgeous setting, a comfortable stay and I got to meet some great minds in their respective fields. It was because of this realization that you are often blinded by what others are saying. It is important to give deserving brands a chance to prove themselves. No one, absolutely no one knows what is good for the baby as much as a mother does. And as a mother, if I feel that Johnson’s is the right choice for my little one, there’s no problem with that, right?

I urge all mothers reading this article to try out Johnson’s products and decide for themselves. I totally vouch for this brand, our favorite Johnson’s Baby, that has connected generations and made childhoods safe, gentle and beautiful. I am a Johnson’s mom and I’m proud of the work these guys are relentlessly doing despite all odds. More power to you Johnson’s. Your gentleness is your strength!