Johnson’s “School Of Gentle” Event Was An Absolute Eye-Opener, Here's Why!

School Of Gentle

Why is it that there are certain things that become intrinsically linked with the memories of our childhood? For me, that one thing which immediately takes me back to the days of my childhood is the smell of Johnson’s baby talc. No matter where I am, it always awakens a sweet whiff of nostalgia in me.

And this is why, braving the lashing rain, airport delays, and other apocalyptic events, I went to Mumbai on the 5th of July, to attend Johnson n Johnsons, “School of Gentle” event. I was curious to know what kind of schooling my favorite baby care brand wanted to impart to us mothers.

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At Johnson’s School of Gentle, a biology class in session.

When I reached there, I was pleasantly surprised to find that going with the theme of “school,” they had transformed the venue into a school. There were practical and interactive classrooms, where a team of Johnson’s experts laid bare the entire process of making their products, which encouraged me and other mothers to raise our doubts and ask crucial questions.

As I was representing MomJunction, I also voiced several questions and concerns of its community, and here I have recorded the answers of a few of them that would help all our readers. So, read on and gain crucial insight that would help you make better decisions for your baby.

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Team of Johnson’s experts taking questions from the audience

Q: How Can We Be Sure About The Ingredients Used In Johnson’s Products?

As it turns out, the entire event was organized to motivate mums everywhere to read the labels given at the back of products. Emphasizing on transparency, Johnson’s list all the ingredients used in their product on the labels. The ingredients used by them go through a stringent screening process and only 2% of them, which can go into any skin consumer products, qualify these tests. Also, Johnson’s products have no parabens, no dyes, no sulphates and definitely, no formaldehyde, thus, making them absolutely safe for babies. They actually adhere to their claim of being as gentle as pure water by using only the most essential, gentle, and safe ingredients.

Q: Should I Also Consider The Fragrance Of A Baby Care Product While Buying It?

According to the experts at Johnson’s, the fragrance is an essential part of a baby care product. Strong scents can be overwhelming for babies, therefore, it’s better if you opt for lightly-scented products.

I also got know that because of the special role of fragrances in the early sensory development of babies, Johnson’s takes special pains to ensure that only the most gentle, and baby-friendly fragrances are used in their products.

Q: There Had Been Reports That Johnson’s Have Harmful Chemicals In Their Products. Is That True?

Quashing these reports as rumors, Manoj Gadgil, Johnson’s VP of Marketing clarified that their products have always met the safety standards enforced by various government agencies. In fact, he also said that in a recent test for a carcinogen, Johnson’s product had come out with flying colors (1)!

Q: What Are The Things That I should Consider While Choosing A Product For My Baby?

When it comes to choosing baby products, one must pay special attention to the ingredients. Ingredients such as phthalates and parabens shouldn’t be present in baby care products. Apart from that, the fragrance of the product, it’s texture – these are the other important criteria that you should look into before deciding on a product for your baby.

Q: How Are The New Johnson’s Products Different From The Old Ones?

A common query put up by our community online, and by other moms attending the event was why had the 125-year-old brand suddenly come up with a new line. Addressing this concern, the team at Johnson’s clarified that this was done in a bid to keep innovating and add to the quality of products as well as to adapt to the changing needs of babies. With changing environmental conditions, the company put emphasis to produce products with more naturally-derived ingredients and strengthened them against the growing number of allergens. They even reduced the number of ingredients by 50 percent in their new products! Making sure that only the most essential products are used.

I hope that by getting you the answers to these questions I was able to address some of your more pressing concerns. Needless to say, the transparency, the earnestness of this new Johnson’s truly won me over, and I have no qualms about being a Johnsons mom anymore.

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