Johnson’s Talc Proven To Be Always Safe For Baby

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In the winter of 2018 (December to be precise), an allegation was made against the 130-year-old, most loved and trusted brand of baby products in India, Johnson & Johnson. The allegation claimed that Johnson & Johnson was using carcinogenic (cancer-causing) substance asbestos in its baby talc, reported by Reuters.

Accordingly, the DCGI or the Drug Controller General of India had issued Form 15 under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act in two of the company’s manufacturing plants in the country – Mulund in Maharashtra and Baddi in Himachal Pradesh (1). As per this form, the company was barred from using its raw materials to manufacture talcum powder till the material was tested to be safe. They were not allowed to dispose the raw material either.

As a mother, no doubt, these were dark times for you. You, your mother, your grandmother and even her grandmother had been using J&J products for years and had never discovered any problems whatsoever. They had always been safe, mild and divine-smelling – hallmarks they were known for! So, when this allegation came up, you didn’t know if you could go on trusting the baby care brand that had been trusted for generations.

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But there’s good news! According to recent testing and findings, Johnson’s baby talc has yet again been proven to be safe! Johnson’s had called the Reuters article, “one-sided, false and inflammatory” to begin with, claiming that their baby products had always been tested to be safe for use (2), (3). And as it turns out, the claim made by Johnson’s is 100% right!

You can blindly trust your favorite Johnson’s Baby products

Johnson’s has been known for creating the safest baby products for over 130 years now. And to prove their commitment to manufacturing products that meet the highest safety standards, Johnson’s met all the requirements of Form 15 and fully cooperated with the government of India.

The company stopped production of baby talc in two of its key plants in the country and furnished raw material samples as well as processed talcum powder to the CDSCO or the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization of India (4).

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After rigorous testing of the samples provided to the CDSCO, the government body discovered that no traces of asbestos were found in either the raw materials or the finish product of Johnson’s baby powder (5). Johnson was also allowed to resume manufacturing at its plants in Mulund and Baddi, making it a double victory for the company as well as for the mothers of the country!

This just goes to show that Johnson’s baby products have always been safe for use and that mothers can continue using them to form that special bond with their babies without fear. To show their commitment, Johnson’s has been conducting several clinical trials on its products, regularly checking them to ensure they meet safety standards (6).

The company has always fully and honestly cooperated with global safety regulators and provided them with every bit of information they need about its products, dating back to data belonging to the 1960s along with offering raw materials and processed talc for testing.

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In fact, research-based evidence as well as clinical data collected from independent medical studies conducted over the last 40 years also prove that Johnson’s products meet the highest safety standards. What’s more, regulatory authorities of countries including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan, Thailand and Singapore have also confirmed the safety and purity of the company’s baby talc (7).

So if you were worried about Johnson’s Baby Powder on your baby, don’t be. You and your baby can enjoy its gentle, loving care and heavenly perfume always, without any doubts!

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