Kajol Reveals That She Had Two Miscarriages Before Nysa And Yug

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When we think of Bollywood’s power couples, the one couple that strikes our mind definitely has to be Ajay Devgn and Kajol. The couple who tied the knot in 1999 has managed to survive the highs and lows of a relationship without drifting apart from each other. And while it may seem that it’s all sunshine and sparkle from a distance, that has not been the case for this duo. In a recent interview with a leading online blog, the actress revealed the details of life with Ajay Devgn and how she had two miscarriages prior to giving birth to Nysa and Yug. The online blog gives a sneak peek into the lives of people living in Mumbai and has a large number of followers for its innovative content.

Ajay and Kajol are a perfect example of opposites attract each other. While Kajol is a bubbly and chirpy woman who is the life of any party, Ajay is more of a shy and introvert personality and is a man of very few words. Ajay and Kajol’s relationship is one that has surely shocked both the Hindi cinema industry and her fans alike. While there were many who believed that their relationship wouldn’t last for long, the couple managed to beat the odds and stay together after over 20 years of marriage.

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In the interview, Kajol revealed that she first met her husband on the sets of a movie in which they were cast together. Interestingly the actress stated how she bi***ed about her now-husband just before she met him. But the two went on to become friends after bonding on the sets. She further said both of them were dating at the time and that she even complained about her then-boyfriend to Ajay. The two soon broke up with their respective partners and even though neither of them proposed, it was understood that they were together. She also shared how her friends warned her about Ajay as he had quite a reputation.

In the same interview, Kajol revealed that they had dated for four years before deciding to tie the knot. The actress also said how her father was against the relationship as he wanted her to focus on her career. But he eventually agreed as she stood firm in her decision. The actress also shared how they gave the media the wrong venue as they wanted to have a private wedding. The couple had two ceremonies – a Punjabi and a Marathi one.

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Talking about her family, she stated the decision to have kids happened over time. Opening up about her miscarriage, Kajol revealed that she was pregnant while filming K3G but that pregnancy terminated in a miscarriage. She went on to talk about how she was in the hospital when the movie had released and done so well but she couldn’t share the same joy as it was a tough time for her. The actress had her second miscarriage after that, but everything eventually worked itself out as their family is now complete with Nysa and Yug.

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The couple decided to have an elaborate honeymoon as Kajol stated she wanted a long honeymoon. They went to Hawaii, Sydney and Los Angeles, but unfortunately five weeks into traveling, Ajay fell sick. So they booked the next flight home and couldn’t make it to their next destination, which was Egypt.

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The actress who is happily married to her better half revealed that life with Ajay is content and though they care for each other, they are not too romantic with each other. The couple has formed a solid relationship as they have been through so much and are constantly building something new. The actress further stated that there is no filter between them and whatever she is thinking will come out of her mouth and vice versa. She ended the interview by saying that right now, she is thinking about how her husband owes her a trip to Egypt.

On the work front, Ajay and Kajol have reunited after a long time for the movie Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior which released last week.