Kalki Koechlin Talks About The Activities She Indulges In For A Natural Birth

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Pregnancy is a life-altering milestone in any woman’s life. The moment you discover you are pregnant, your life takes a complete turn. Because your motherly instincts immediately kick in and you start recognizing yourself as a mother even before your child is born.

Many Bollywood stars have been blessed with motherhood lately. One such star who recently announced her pregnancy is the critically-acclaimed Bollywood diva, Kalki Koechlin. Kalki has long been known for her amazing acting chops and unusual choice of films. She has vowed the audiences with her performances while also remaining active in theater projects. But right now, she’s preparing for probably the best role in real life – that of a mother!

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Just like her professional life, Kalki has made unusual choices even in her personal life. Her 2011 marriage to director Anurag Kashyap stunned the entire Bollywood as well as her fans. Anurag and Kalki had an age difference of nearly 12 years, but that did not stop her from getting married to him. Just like their marriage, their divorce in 2015 made headlines too and not for the wrong reasons. While calling it quits, Kalki and ex-husband Anurag set a new benchmark of dignity and respect for each other despite going separate ways. They were cordial throughout the divorce proceedings and did not indulge in any sort of mud-slinging. No wonder then that both continue to remain friends and collaborate on the work front too.

Lately, Kalki had been dating an Israeli classic pianist – Guy Hershberg. Although she kept a relatively low profile about her relationship, she took everyone by surprise by announcing her pregnancy on 29th September. In an interview with a popular news website, Kalki revealed details of her pregnancy journey so far. She said that she has already started learning lullabies in Tamil, French, Bengali, and Portuguese. She’s also enjoying playing the musical instrument – ukulele so that she can surround the baby in pleasant sounds once the fetal hearing kicks in around the 27th week. She said she is lucky enough to have a great midwife who is helping her prepare for her labor, delivery, and breastfeeding techniques. The Sacred Games star is due in January 2020.

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When quizzed about the one major change her body has undergone since she became pregnant, Kalki confessed that nausea and vomiting during her first trimester were pretty hard on her. However, the second trimester seems to be kinder to her. She said she now enjoys the whole experience of the baby growing inside her. She also said she’s now extremely cautious about her diet and make sure she eats all things healthy.

Kalki further added that she misses going on her bike as she used to do before getting pregnant. Not only biking but she also misses playing basketball regularly. Here, Kalki revealed her fitness regime for normal delivery. While she had stopped all impact-based workouts, she continues to swim and practices yoga regularly so she can have a normal delivery.

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Kalki received a fair share of trolling following her pregnancy announcement as well. While her fans were happy for her, some trolled her for having a baby out of wedlock. But this doesn’t seem to have affected Kalki at all. In fact, in a separate interview with a different publication, she spoke about her marriage plans. She said that she was in a happy space with her boyfriend. They don’t wish to rush into marriage right now just because she is pregnant. Even if they do consider marriage in the future, it might be for documentation purposes for the bureaucracy or school admissions. Otherwise, their relationship was solid and intact and didn’t require a legal validation to prove anything. When asked why she announced her pregnancy so late, she said that it was her doctor’s idea. Her doctor asked her to wait until the completion of her first trimester to make the announcement due to certain risks involved.

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Whatever may be the case, we are happy that Kalki is enjoying this beautiful phase in her life. Just like Kalki, we too can’t wait to see her baby. We wish her all the best for her due date!

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