Keep Your Baby Healthy and Strong with OMVED’s Shishu Thailam Baby Massage Oil

No other joy on this planet can compare to watching your baby grow healthier and stronger each day. When those little knees and elbows finally learn to crawl, you know it’s not just your baby who has achieved a milestone, but you as well. Because this simple action shows that all your hard work is paying off in the best possible way!

But to keep your baby healthy and strong is no mean feat. It requires constant care, dedication, and lots of love. And, of course, the age-old grandma’s secret of giving your baby an oil massage every day!

Oil massages are known to have multiple health benefits (1). But that’s only if the right oil is used. You’ll find plenty of baby oils in the market but not each of them is going to be beneficial for your baby. I too tried many for my daughter and wasn’t satisfied with any till I got OMVED’s Shishu Thailam Baby Massage Oil! This one is my favorite and you’ll find out why in this review.

Price: INR 1650/- for a 110ml bottle

Ingredients: Manjishtha, Ashwagandha, and Ushira (Vetiver roots) with a base Narikela Thailam or extra virgin unrefined coconut oil.

How to use: Warm up the oil in a copper vessel (preferably) on a stove and massage your baby’s body and head with it. DO NOT microwave the oil and ensure that it is not too hot.

OMVED’s Shishu Thailam – My Favorite Baby Oil Till Date

The problem I find with most baby oils is that they’re not gentle enough on my baby’s sensitive skin. There have been one or two cases of allergy rashes, which were very bothersome for my baby. My mom told me that I should go for a 100% natural one if I wanted a bottled baby oil. So, I took her advice and decided to try out OMVED’s Shishu Thailam.

The OMVED Shishu Thailam comes in an earthy-toned bottle with a regular screw cap. It has a very mild smell that is barely noticeable and not at all offensive in any way. The consistency is kind of thick and, in my opinion, just perfect for a nice, warm baby massage!

Using it is not a complicated task at all. I just had to heat it up on the stove in a vessel, preferably one made of copper, and then massage it on my baby’s head and body. Microwaving is NOT recommended.

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If you ask me what I like about this oil, I’ll just go on raving about its benefits! It is so soothing for my baby girl. Even if she’s cranky, she feels very relaxed after a massage and almost instantly falls into sweet slumber. This oil has also helped me fight common discomforts that my baby faces such as colic, gas, and constipation.

Another thing that I really love is that it’s very gentle on her skin! There have been zero instances of rashes. In fact, it has helped cure diaper rash, which was a major bonus for me! The oil also helps in improving blood circulation, increasing bone strength and boosting brain health while being antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral.

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Its ingredients are also amazing. Every element that goes into its making is 100% natural and organic. Besides, it’s rich in vitamin E, which means my daughter’s skin remains as smooth as butter!

To be honest, I’m really in love with this baby oil and can’t find any flaws in it except the fact that it can stain clothes and sheets a little, but that’s okay. Even the price is not an issue considering it’s really 100% natural! I would definitely purchase this again and believe that all moms should get it for their babies!

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