How Can I Keep My Baby Cool And Comfortable In Summer?

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Summer isn’t always about sunshine, sand, and the sound of gushing water flowing through a stream. Especially if you’re a parent. If you have a young one at home, here are a few things you can do to try and keep your baby away from the heat.

Dress Your Toddler In Comfortable Clothing

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Now we get it! Babies are extremely cute. So you would often want to dress them up in outfits that bring out their eyes or make their bright face pop. But don’t explore the odds during summers.

Dress up your baby in pure cotton clothes as they are more absorbent and light in comparison to other fabrics. So when your baby does sweat, the moisture will easily be absorbed and won’t cause any skin rashes.

Your baby’s skin is very sensitive, way more than adults. And if the baby’s outfit is on them for too long when they are subjected to glaring heat, they can develop heat rashes (1).

Don’t Step Out During Peak (Summer) Hours

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While this is a tough one, it’s an attainable goal. Unless necessary, don’t step out during peak hours. If the heat is overbearing for you, imagine how much worse it could be on your baby. So switch to going out early on during the day or post-sunset. And given that the pandemic has taken over our lives again, you can limit stepping out.

Don’t forget to add an extra layer of a cotton sheet on the car seat or pram before placing your baby on it.

Say No To Plastic Diapers

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Yes, yes. Plastic diapers are very helpful and less chaotic when you have a baby to tend to for most of the day. But it’s also harmful if you leave them on for too long. So maybe switch to cotton nappies or set your baby free of nappies for some time. It will keep your little one feel more at ease.

Do you think it’s going to be difficult to figure out the when of it all?

Once you have a routine in place, you can probably give your baby some time off ahead of bedtime or right after they have done the deed; meaning pooped or peed.

Although it’s going to get a little messy, you want to be the parent who puts their baby’s comfort first. And this will help you with just that.

Make Sure Your Baby Stays Hydrated

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A baby’s body is extremely delicate. And if your baby is below six months old, then it goes without saying that breast milk or formula is the only alternatives you can feed them. Supposing you have a toddler who can eat solid foods, ensure that you give them wholesome and nutritious substitutes that help keep them hydrated.

But before you take up the challenge of ensuring your child stays hydrated, consult your pediatrician to find out which kind of drinks work best for them during summers.

Keep Processed Food At Bay

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A tub of ice cream, popsicles, or perhaps cold beverages is something adults turn to, more often than not, during summers. But this can’t be the case with children. Keep them away from any processed food items as it can make them feel sick. Switch to homemade lemonade and fruits, or perhaps whip up a dessert with fresh cream. They’re all appetizing and a healthier option.

Not to mention, make sure to add water to the mix of drinks to be given to your little one.

And in case you get a subscription meal plan or refrigerate food, ensure that you do a taste test before you feed your child. As substances go stale too quickly during summers, what with the power failure, among other things.

There you have it! These were just a few ways to beat the heat and keep your baby cool and comfortable in summer. You can always choose to experiment with new alternatives to feel relaxed and stay away from summer blues. And if you find something helpful, share your thoughts in the comments below to tell us all about it.