10 Kinda Weird But Totally Awesome Products For Pregnant Women

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As soon as a woman receives the news of her pregnancy, she starts hoarding up on items such as maternity clothes and even items for her tiny tot. However, the thought of buying items that will help her sail through the nine months of pregnancy doesn’t cross her mind. We are not talking about the self-help books on pregnancy here, but rather speaking of hitherto unheard tools that could help expecting mothers. Don’t worry, we have your back!

Here, we will discuss all those products that look ridiculous but are quite handy in making a woman’s pregnant life much more convenient and enjoyable. Let’s have a look at these products.

1. Belly Armor

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Does it worry you that the radiations from your laptop might harm your baby? Belly armors are here to save you from just that. It ensures that the little ones are well-protected, making it less worrisome for the expecting mommy to use her laptop.

2. Chic Morning Bags

The initial few months can be really hard during pregnancy, and it’s even worse if you have to deal with regular fits of vomiting. If vomiting is inevitable, won’t it be great if you get to barf into an awesome-looking colorful bag rather than those regular shopping plastic bags? So bingo! Enter the morning bags that come in a range of designs which are sure to change the way you puke… at least!

3. Belly Groin Bands

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For every pregnant woman, there comes a point when she feels really heavy down there. The feeling is so intense that she might think her lady bits might dislodge and drop on to the floor. This is where these groin bands step in, ensuring that the pregnant woman feels well-supported where she really wants.

4. Razor Extension

This product is so awesome that you might end up using this even after your child’s delivery. This product gets attached to a razor, eradicating the hassle of bending to shave down there!

5. Pregnancy Pillow

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For those who have not gone through pregnancy, it is hard to understand how cumbersome it can be to sleep in the advised position. That too for entire nine months! This product is specifically designed to ensure that the expecting mothers can get a good night’s sleep.

6. Maternity Belt

The back pains during the last trimester of pregnancy are very real, and any expecting mommy will vouch for that. But, if you want to get rid of those back aches when they get out of control, go buy these maternity belts. These belts are truly a lifesaver!

7. Disposable Maternity Underwear

Trust us when we say that these products really come in handy, especially when a new mom is recovering from post-pregnancy surgical stitches (more so if she has got a C-section). Disposable panties might sound silly but will seem like Godsend at some point for sure.

8. Baby Womb Amplifier

It might sound shocking, but there are actually products which can help amplify each heartbeat and kick of the baby. The mommies and daddies can easily hear their baby’s little moments, and can also record them, making it easier to share this happiness with close friends and relatives.

9. Pregnancy Massage Oils

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Might seem obvious and ridiculous. But, if you begin using this product at the right time, it might help prevent tearing of episiotomies! Also, it might help ease a lot of other pregnancy pains. But, be sure to consult a doctor before you start using one of these products.

10. Wrist Bands

If at any moment, you feel that the pregnancy-related morning sickness is taking over, you can use this product. It is a specially-designed band that uses acupuncture to help fight nausea. It will apply pressure at the right points easing the morning sickness symptoms.

Check out these products online. Pick any one of these and it just might change your life as an expecting mommy. We know these products sound strange, but do give it a shot and let us know how you did! All the best!

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