Mother’s Day Special: 9 Lessons I Learned From My Mother

It’s no surprise that a mother is the unsung superhero of everyday life. The immeasurable things she does for you without expecting anything in return are what make her a blessing in your life. From the time she conceived you, she has placed you above her own needs and makes sure she does her very best for you. If that isn’t saying enough, we don’t know what is. Have you ever wondered what your life would be like without your mother around? Terrifying, isn’t it? You might have a zillion fights with your mom, but she’s still the person you want to go to when you’re not feeling your best.

Ever since I can remember, my mother has been my support and guide. She taught me values and principles that made me the person I am today. With Mother’s Day around the corner, why not share some of them with you? Here are nine lessons I learned from my mother as I was growing up:

1. It Doesn’t Hurt To Smile

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My mother always says that it costs nothing to smile. In a world where suffering and pain are inevitable, something as simple and effortless as a smile can turn someday’s day around. She taught me that you don’t have to move mountains to make someone happy. All you have to do is greet them with a smile.

2. Choose Kindness

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It might seem easy to resort to hateful comments and rude behavior when you don’t get your way. But choosing to remain kind shows strength. It’s not a sign of weakness, and it’s what the world needs. My mother taught me to always choose kindness.

3. Learn To Be Independent

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My mother is a working woman, and she always believed that it’s important to be independent. Whether that means financial independence or knowing how to cook for yourself, she taught me that independence is freedom.

4. It’s Okay to Be Wrong

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No one can be right all the time, and it’s okay to be wrong. We are all learning in this world that’s constantly evolving. My mother taught me that it’s only human to be wrong about something, and it takes courage to admit it.

5. Apologize When You’ve Made A Mistake

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To err is human. While it’s absolutely natural to make mistakes during the course of life, what’s not acceptable is refusing to own up to them. My mother taught me that saying sorry when I’ve made a mistake doesn’t make me a small person. It takes a big heart to forgive and an even bigger heart to apologize.

6. Remember To Pray

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My mother taught me why it’s important to include prayer in my life. It is a source of strength. It gives you hope, peace, and comfort. My mother always says that there is a power beyond human understanding, and praying helps us manifest that power in our lives. It enriches the quality of life.

7. Give More Than You Take

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A life of service is a life of happiness. In a world filled with entitled people who go above and beyond to take, my mother taught me to give. She taught me the importance of generosity and why sharing is caring.

8. Self-Respect Is Everything

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If you lose self-respect, you lose everything. It can weaken you and make you lose confidence. Setting healthy boundaries and standing up for what you believe in will make you believe in yourself. My mother taught me that when I believe in myself, I am unstoppable!

9. Good Touch Vs Bad Touch

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We live in a cruel and daunting world, and my mother always worries about my safety. She taught me the difference between good touch and bad touch. Whether it is a hug, kiss, or simply a handshake, I have the right to say no if it makes me uncomfortable. Even if it’s from a person I know or a stranger.

The numerous life lessons that she taught me will always remain close to my heart. Someday I wish to impart these valuable lessons to my children and can’t wait to learn from them. Don’t forget to thank your mother and appreciate her for everything she has ever done for you. Here’s your chance — go for it!

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