This List Of Weird Pregnancy Cravings Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

Weird Pregnancy Cravings

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You are sitting in your bed at midnight and your second trimester is just right around the corner. You get this strong feeling to eat chicken biriyani. You take out your phone and rummage through a hundred different restaurants online. But just when you are about to order, you suddenly have this craving for whipped cream. Sound familiar? If yes, then don’t worry! Your pregnancy cravings are in full swing. While some women crave for salty, sour, or spicy foods, many of us have the urge to gobble down some weird combinations of food. If you have ever found yourself reaching for a plate of nachos and some Nutella, we bet you would love these awfully strange combinations as well.

1. Banana, Bun, And Ketchup

Banana Bun And Ketchup

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I was always a sucker for bananas. So it was no surprise when I started craving my favorite fruit during pregnancy. But bananas with ketchup? That was a first for me as well. But I have to admit, it was pretty yummy.” – Kavya

2. Ice Cream And Hot Pepper

Ice Cream And Hot Pepper

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‘Ice cream and hot peppers had become my go-to snack and dessert for several weeks while pregnant. And it was the perfect combo whenever I was craving for something sweet or spicy.” – Arpita

3. Gorgonzola Cheese Plus Chocolate Ganache

Gorgonzola Cheese Plus

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‘Who doesn’t like chocolate? And who doesn’t like savoring some good old cheese? Combine the two and you’ve got the perfect snack to satisfy any pregnancy cravings.’ – Rebecca

4. Noodles With Watermelon On The Side

Noodles With Watermelon On The Side

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‘My craving definitely helped in making sure I was eating healthy. On most days for lunch, I fancied vegetable noodles with plenty of watermelon slices. I was getting fruits and veggies in my diet. Sadly this phase didn’t last long as I started craving all sorts of junk food.’ – Remya

5. There’s Nothing Better Than Apple Cheese

Theres Nothing Better Than Apple Cheese

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‘I loved munching on a slice of apple with some crumbly cheddar cheese. It made for a perfect sweet and savory snack.’ – Diya

6. Cupcakes, Lime, And Pomegranate Mix

Cupcakes Lime

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‘Break down the cupcake into a bowl, squeeze half a lime over it, and sprinkle it with pomegranate seeds. Trust me, it would make the perfect combination of flavors.’ – Zoya

7. Pizza & White Rice

Pizza White Rice

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‘White rice with pizza was my go-to lunch and dinner for several days in a row. This weird combination got my poor husband worried, but that didn’t stop me from binging on my new favorite food.’ – Zama

8. Mud


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‘Pregnancy cravings can be really weird. But mine topped the list when I started craving for mud. I couldn’t control how I felt, so my husband and I decided to visit our doctor. The smell of wet soil made my mouth water for quite some time.’ – Navya

9. Choco Cheese Sandwich

Choco Cheese Sandwich

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‘I wanted a sandwich with a generous spread of chocolate sauce and cheese slices. My husband would make them for me and I used to love every bite of it.’ – Saumya

10. Donuts And Popcorn

Donuts And Popcorn

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‘It seriously doesn’t get better than donuts and popcorn. I craved for creamy donuts sprinkled with some popcorn during my 8th month of pregnancy.’ – Riya

11. Pickles On Everything

Pickles On Everything

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‘Whether it was sandwich, pizza, noodles, ice cream, sausage…You name it. I loved pickles on everything.’ – Noora

12. Dishwashing Liquid

Dishwashing Liquid

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‘One day as I was cleaning the dishes, I had this weird craving to put the dishwashing liquid on a piece of bread. This idea seemed so mouth-watering that it scared the crap out of me.’ – Hiba

13. Gems On Everything

Gems On Everything

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‘Whether I was having my favorite brand of ice cream or having rice for lunch, I would have some gems on my plate. My kitchen was stocked with huge packets of gems, and I loved having it with everything.’ – Lily

Did you too crave something weird while pregnant? We would love to know!

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