Little Girl Is Worried About Her Newborn Sister – Why ? Her Mom Can’t Stop Laughing

If laughter is an art, then kids are the masters at it. Spending time with a kid and not laughing is as impossible as getting a cat to tell a joke while flossing its teeth.


Alright, that might be a little inappropriate. But what you are going to read now is not. Definitely not.

The entire fun lies here – when kids don’t understand something and get confused about it. For example, there is this little guy who can’t believe his eyes when he sees his dad gobbling down a toy bug. The kid’s reaction is so hilarious that you feel like looking at his expression again and again. And again.
And then we have another young bud who plainly condemns the fact that his dad had worn diapers as a kid. I mean, seriously; he might even have his meals on time, but believing something like this about his dad – no way!

Well, even I was like that way back then (giggles) – I saw the childhood picture of my mother and thought I was dreaming.

We all were like that once, weren’t we? Our innocence was both cute and hilarious. The ways we got confused were sometimes so side-splitting and hysterical, that the mere remembrance of the memories today would send us rolling on the floor (ahem, may not be literally, though).

Sometimes I wish I got into a baby’s head – laughing at the tiniest things and deriving joy out of things that appear trivial to us. But that’s not actually possible, right? And neither is it possible to rewind our lives and get back to childhood.

But we can do something – something that makes sure the everyday stress on our shoulders is lifted, and something that puts a smile on our otherwise perennially dull and frozen faces.

The following video clip, which was submitted to America’s Funniest Home Videos, has a kid who is an expert at pasting a smile on your face, no matter where you are and what you are doing. The little kid is so fond of his newborn sister, that she can’t help but give her a kiss.

And then she says something that can make you laugh so hard you might as well break the chair you are sitting in. She says wh..ah..well, I am not telling it. Check it out for yourself!

And to the little girl in the video – Sister, you are awwwwsome!

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