How To Satiate Your Cravings And Still Look Fit During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy can be a fit and fabulous experience for you. Being fit doesn’t have to be about toned legs and abs. People who aspire to be fit and healthy during pregnancy are often made to feel like they are compromising on their baby’s nutrition. But being fit during pregnancy is more about maintaining a healthy weight and eating the right nutrition.

It is pretty easy to give in to all your cravings and gain weight in the blink of an eye during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a good time to indulge but you have to make sure that you keep a check on your weight as well. Being overweight comes with a list of risks which can affect both you and your baby’s health (1).

Healthy Alternatives For Your Cravings

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The next time you crave for french fries and burger, switch to these healthy alternatives:

1. Egg On A Toast/English Muffin

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Eggs are good sources of vitamin D which is vital during pregnancy. You can fry or scramble an egg and put it on a toast or English muffin when you are craving for something similar.

2. Mashed Avocado And Crackers

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These healthy fats are great with crackers or even on a toast. Just mash up an avocado and eat it with crackers or slather it on a whole grain toast if you’d like. It is a powerhouse of potassium.

3. Your Own Trail Mix

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Making your own trail mix can be fun. Choose the ingredients you love for a yummy treat. You can add pumpkin seeds, raw almonds, small pieces of dark chocolate, dried tart cherries, walnuts, cashews… The list is never ending!

4. Tortilla And Hummus

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You can use tortilla or pita bread with hummus and some tomatoes for a healthy snack.

Healthy doesn’t mean boring or bland. It can be really yummy too. Use your imagination and eat things which makes your tummy and body happy. You can also blend a smoothie or make something like baked potatoes with some yogurt and chives.

How To Stay Fit

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You might have heard mixed opinions on working out during pregnancy. In fact, you SHOULD work out during pregnancy (2). Physical activity can help you stay within the healthy weight range, and give you more energy throughout your pregnancy. You are also less likely to get constipated during and after pregnancy. If your doctor has given you the thumbs up to work out, you are good to go.

1. Get Walking

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Walking is the simplest and best exercise you can do during your pregnancy. Just make sure you walk consistently for half an hour every day. You can take a stroll in the park or simply walk in front of your house every day.

2. Swimming

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Swimming or water aerobics is a good way to keep you fit during your pregnancy. Be careful when you are entering so that you don’t slip. Also, avoid jumping or diving into the water.

3. Yoga

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Channel your inner zen by doing prenatal yoga. Besides strengthening the muscles, yoga will help you stay calm and in control during pregnancy and labor. However, avoid any poses where you have to lie on the belly or flat on the back once you are in your second trimester. Also, skip poses where you have to overbalance or overstretch yourself.

4. Squats And Pelvic Tilts

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Squatting and doing pelvic tilts can help you during labor and delivery as well. If you are suffering from back pain, doing some pelvic tilts are going to help you feel better.

Pregnancy is a time to let go a bit when it comes to controlling your diet. You may have to increase your calorie intake, but you certainly don’t have to eat for two. And when it comes to working out, make sure not to overwork your body. Listen to your body. If you feel something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. Get a second opinion from your doctor. Stick to exercises that you are comfortable with. Also, make sure that you get the all-clear from your doctor before you start exercising. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated at all times. Working out and eating right not only makes you look good on the outside, but also on the inside.

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