7 Low-Key Ways Your Partner Is Making Your Pregnancy More Difficult Than It Needs To Be

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Pregnancy can be really exhausting. With every trimester, an expecting mother needs to learn a new set of things to deal with – morning sickness, sleep deprivation, or just making those multiple rounds to the washroom. The silver lining is that a tiny angel awaits you at the end of it all. And if you are lucky enough, you get a partner who understands you. At least, for the most part of it!

At times, your significant other can unintentionally make things more difficult for you. He might end up contributing to the preexisting stress of nurturing a human inside your womb. Without meaning to, obviously. Here, we bring you seven low-key ways in which your partner can make your pregnancy more difficult than it has to be:

1. They Fail To Remember That Pregnancy Is Difficult

At times, your husband can simply forget that pregnancy is painful too. It can be draining to explain why you can’t make it for a dinner or why is it paining so much. All you wish at that time is for him to understand and remember how much work your body is doing every second.

2. They Happily Snore


Most women find it difficult to get an adequate amount of sleep during pregnancy. With constant urges to go to the washroom and the rib-kicking rituals, sleeping becomes a task. However, this simple fact may have no impact on your husband. He might happily snore right next to you, while you find yourself kicking the sheets trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in.

3. They Don’t Understand Your Heightened Senses

During pregnancy, your smelling senses can get heightened. Thus, making it very difficult to stay around foul-smelling food. But, your partner might not get it. He might happily eat those eggs in your vicinity, not realizing that it bothers you. Obviously, it is not intentional, but even the negligence can be enough to get you stressed.


4. Favor Requests Seem To Keep Flowing


When you are pregnant and struggling with multiple types of pain all at once, the last thing you want to hear is someone asking you to rub their feet because they have a sore foot. Yes, even the puppy face does not work at that point.

5. They Steal The Last Bite

Yes, stealing does sound melodramatic. But, that’s how it feels when you have been craving something for too long and your significant other decides to grab the last bite. When you keep a brownie in the fridge, it is because you want to devour it later. Not because you don’t want it anymore!

6. They Don’t Clean Up After Themselves


Being pregnant does not spare most women from the routine to-do list. To add to it, if your partner keeps adding those ‘menial’ tasks to that long list, it can become pretty tiring and annoying. No one would want to take care of another baby when there is already one growing inside them.

7. They Don’t Ask Before They Plan

Everyone has bad days during pregnancy, where you might want to just put your pajamas on and relax. And, it doesn’t end well if your husband decides to announce a last-minute outing with a few of your mutual friends. It ends with either you looking like a bad person for bailing out or you reluctantly agreeing but feeling miserable throughout. And, neither sounds stress-free!

Men and their goof-ups are understandable for the most part of it. Given that pregnancy can be as overwhelming for men as it is for women. It is not easy to know the right thing to say or do each time, and that’s understandable. Also, we know that most women do cut their partners some slack for their silly mistakes.

So, this one is a tip for all the husbands out there. All a woman needs during pregnancy is someone to understand that they can actually go through every emotion there is in the book. That too, all at once. Just understand that there are relentless hormones at work and questioning women about those emotions will only make things worse!

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