What This Man Captured On His GoPro Camera Will Rule The Internet For A Long Time

A lot of fathers, whose partners are ready to give birth, often have a camera ready to document the journey of the water breaking until the baby is finally born. It’s only natural for proud and excited fathers to be to record the ‘real’ events and emotions. Couples can always look back to see what they’ve accomplished, or they show it to their kids and even their kids after them.

Some of these videos can be funny and gross, but still amazing at the end of the day, as you’re capturing the birth of a baby!

In this particular case, Troy Dickensen, a proud and excited father attached a GoPro (camera) to his head, as he wanted to film the journey of him and his wife going to the hospital and the birthing process. Little did he know that his baby was about to come out at any second! Luckily for him, he got everything on camera, even the gruesome bits. Speaking of, the images and video clip of Troy’s wife Kristin giving birth are quite graphic with all the screaming, blood, and goo. So, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

In the middle of the night, Kristin’s water broke and she went into labour. This all happened almost in the blink of an eye! The couple then rushed to the hospital. At this point, Troy began filming the drive to the hospital on his GoPro. He even did this for the birth of his first two sons. However, what Troy wasn’t expecting was for Kristin to scream, “The baby’s coming out! I’m not kidding!” She knew she couldn’t wait much longer, which is why she asked her husband to take her to a hospital closer to them, as she again screamed, “I can’t make it!”

Immediately, Troy stopped outside the Texas Children’s Hospital where he decided to call 911. Kristin was positive she was having the baby then and there. She could feel the baby’s head coming out! After telling the operator on 911 the same, Kristin suddenly yells to Troy, “You might have to catch him!” Troy’s reply was nervous laughter and then an okay. Little did he know that his wife was neither kidding nor exaggerating!

Finally they entered the hospital where Troy asked Kristin to sit in the wheelchair so they could rush, as he urges, “Come on! We gotta get up there so we can have this baby!” Coincidentally Kristin is a childbirth educator and works at the very same hospital, which is why she refused to sit on the wheelchair, as the baby was literally coming out.

Since their baby was almost out, they had no time to make it to the maternity section, and this is when the graphic scenes begin. As the baby was coming out, Kristin was screaming, “Catch him! Catch him!” while Troy himself was yelling, “Push! Push!” The birthing process gets even more intense as Kristen demanded for a doctor by screaming some more, “GET A DOCTOR DOWN HERE NOW.”

Finally, after lots of blood and other gross things and noises, Troy said, “I got him, I got him! He’s perfect! He’s perfect, he’s perfect.” They officially had a little baby boy.

All these parts of the video have been censored because of how graphic it is, but be warned because the process after the birth is visible and is still pretty bloody.

At the end, Troy and Kristin are both amazed and even amused, as she says, “I just gave birth in front of three security guards” and ends with, “I told you I felt the head!”

Do you have stories like Troy and Kristin’s? Let us know!

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