7 Maternity Rights In India That You Must Know

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In the wake of the number of maternal deaths that have occurred recently, the Indian government and their health policies have been rebuked for their inability to reduce these maternal death rates which have come as a stark contrast to its growing economy.

St. John’ Medical College recently conducted a short study on community health and it turned out that there was not a woman that was not ignorant about the Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakram, a scheme that was initiated by the government as long back as 2011 with the aim of benefitting 12 million pregnant women. It surfaced that several women did not take advantage of the scheme owing to their ignorance.

So, here we echo the salient features of the scheme so that all the mothers-to-be out there can be best benefitted by the entitlements for every pregnant woman. Here are the seven rights that you should be aware of and spread awareness about:

1. A Hundred Percent Free Antenatal Checkup:

Did you know that women now don’t need to pay a penny to avail pregnancy services? It includes the Cesarean section delivery as well. The same applies to the provision of blood transfusion should a necessity arise.

2. Cash Payments Entitlement:

Women from BPL families and SC/ST backgrounds are entitled to cash payment after they have delivered their babies at government healthcare outlets and select private hospitals.

3. Free Transport Service:

It’s important to note that there is free transport service available to and from the hospital which is a welcome thing in an event of unpredicted labor or emergency. To top it up, there is also a provision for meals for the length of the stay at a hospital.

4. Avail The Benefits Till Your Child Turns One:

It’s true. You can now avail all the benefits till your child’s first birthday. Your infant has the right to receive free treatment in case of a sickness, receive free diagnosis and transport to and from the healthcare centers, transits between facilities in an event of a referral and receive free medicines and a free drop off at your door!

5. Receive Cash Payment on Routine Checkup:

Did you know that in some districts women have the right to receive Rs.6,000 in cash for a routine antenatal check-up apart from delivery at the Institute and immunization of kids? Apparently the government is also planning to spread the scheme in various parts of the country.

6. Extending Maternity Leave:

For the working women in the private sector, maternity leave has been extended to 26 weeks of fully paid leaves from the current 12 weeks of fully paid maternity leaves.

7. You Can’t Be Kicked Out For Being Pregnant:

If you are pregnant and if you are being fired from your job, it is totally illegal under the purview of the Maternity Benefit Act. The Government might very soon implement a provision whereby the sacking of a female employee during her pregnancy on any pretext will be totally prohbited.

Isn’t it great to know that our government has such brilliant rules and laws for the benefit and protection of our female folks during pregnancy? Way to go India!

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