20 Meaningful Baby Names That Will Strengthen Your Child’s Personality

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The current generation of parents are much more indulgent than the generation before. Every aspect of their baby’s life is meticulously planned and crafted. Documenting their birth, celebrating each milestone that they cover and participating in their growth – they are doing it all with a ceremonious zeal.

And it is equally important for the parents to give an identity to their child which is meaningful and unique. These days, the naming ceremonies are no less than a gala affair. The names that the parents choose for their darling children are either influenced by the meaning, depth and grace of the word or by the names of their favourite celebrity’s kid.

Let us see the top trending baby names that are often heard in social circles or tabloids.

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Boys’ names

1. Aarav

It means someone who is highly regarded and reflects a peaceful nature. In fact, in a span of a few years, it has become a top trending name for boys.

2. Arjun

Having a mythological significance, the name Arjun signifies ‘brightness and clarity’.

3. Ayaan

The name means ‘Gift of God’, so very apt and beautiful.

4. Daksh

The word means ‘competent’, and adds so much to a personality.

5. Siddharth

This was Lord Buddha’s real name, and signifies ‘accomplishment of a goal’.

6. Shahraan

This beautiful name has Persian roots and the syllables add up to mean ‘a royal warrior’.

7. Shresth

The name has an inherent grandeur and means ‘the supreme’, giving a sense of pride to the child.

8. Azad

This name has got a robustness and masculinity to it. It means ‘one who is free’. The name has recently gained much momentum.

9. Viaan

This charming name has other variants as well, including Vivaan and Vihaan, which are equally popular. The name signifies ‘energy and liveliness’.

10. Reyansh

The name Reyansh also carries a mythical touch, symbolizing a portion of Lord Krishna. Alternatively, it also means ‘ray of light’.

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Girls’ Names

1. Amaira

The gorgeous name has Arabic roots and has other variants like Amyra or just Myra. In Arabic, it means ‘the one who commands or rules’ and the Greek and Sanskrit origins of the word denote ‘someone, who will be beautiful forever’.

2. Samaira

Almost rhyming with the previous name, the name Samaira means the one who is ‘enchanting.’ Also, some places attribute the name to mean ‘the goddess of beauty’.

3. Akira

This name is unique to Indian sensibilities but is a very common Japanese name that means ‘bright’ and ‘intelligent’. The Sanskrit meaning of the name signifies ‘strength with grace’.

4. Nayah

The name Nayah has slowly picked up in recent years. The unique name means ‘princess’ and adds a sweetness and glamour to your baby girl’s identity.

5. Saesha

There is a lovely resonance to the sound of this name. Having its origin in Sanskrit, the name means ‘truth of life,’ and in Arabic world, it means one who is ‘full of desire’.

6. Aaradhya

The name Aaradhya holds depth and dignity and is getting quite popular. It means someone who is ‘worthy to be revered or worshipped’.

7. Khushi

The short and sweet name signifies ‘happiness, ‘ and indeed it adds a lot of gaiety and mirth with its sonority.

8. Diya

As light dispels any sorrow, so does the beautiful name Diya, which means a ‘lamp’ or ‘a source of light’.

9. Kiara

Kiara shares its origin in African-American roots as well as in the Irish faith. In Afro-American culture, it means someone with dark hair or complexion, whereas it is also the name of a Seventh century Irish saint.

10. Suhana

Also popular as Suhani, this name has a happy, easy-going vibe to it. It literally means a ‘pleasant demeanor’ and is a current favourite.

The above names have found much favor in the past decade and still show preference among many young parents who are looking for names that are unique, yet aren’t too common. Many of these names are shared by the kids of famous Bollywood personalities and that’s why there is an added glamour to them.

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