Medical Reasons Why Pregnant Women Need Sex Every Day

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Of course, you feel on top of the world now that you have heard the “big” news. Congratulations! But, there is one concern that both you and your partner might have at this moment – whether or not you can get physically intimate with each other during the course of these nine months. But, as long as you don’t have any serious complications, you might not need to worry much about. Of course, you can also have a chat with your doctor and clear your queries regarding the same. And, if you get a thumbs-up from the doc, you know what to do.

But, did you know that lovemaking during pregnancy actually has quite a few pros? Here, we bring you some of them:

1. The Labor And Recovery May Be Smoother

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The “big O” that comes with lovemaking might prove to be pretty beneficial for both labor and recovery. When you get the “big O”, it is believed that the contractions that occur in your pelvic floor increases. This generally strengthens the muscles that are needed during the labor or even post childbirth. This could mean that your muscles might have a relatively easier time gaining back their strength after the birth of your little one (1). But do check with your doctor before you go ahead with it in the last trimester.

2. The Loo Visits Might Go Down

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Ever since you got pregnant, do you feel the need to visit the loo more frequently? Constant urge to rush to the bathroom becomes a common affair during pregnancy. In fact, there may also be times where some amount of leaking might happen when you laugh or sneeze. Additionally, as your little one grows in size, more pressure is exerted on your bladder, which causes even more discomfort. However, rest assured as the muscles strengthened for the labor can also perform wonders in the bladder department. Thus, bringing down the loo visits to some extent (2).

3. Bid Goodbye To Complications

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As per a Danish study, indulging in frequent lovemaking might help prevent expecting moms from preeclampsia. The researchers think that a protein present in the sperm is what helps regulate the women’s immune system (3). But, since the exact cause of preeclampsia is pretty much unknown, it is advised that you are regular with your doctor appointments. And, stay in the loop about the associated risks as well.

4. Lowers Your Blood Pressure

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It is said that the blood pressure lowers soon after physical intimacy (4). But, since this solution is temporary and you can’t keep indulging in lovemaking 24/7, you need to look for other ways. Given how serious blood pressure can be for both you and your little one, it is important to consult your doctor and look for more permanent solutions to keep it in check.

5. Reduces Stress

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Of course, pregnancy is quite a happy phase in every women’s life. But, a certain amount of stress can creep in, be it due to concerns regarding your little one’s well-being, finances, or even professional issues. But, the good news is that the “big O” helps release the love hormone “oxytocin”, which can help regulate your stress. This, in turn, can result in improved sleep too (5).

6. Help Prepare For Labor

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Lovemaking does not help induce labor if you are nearing your due date or are even past it. However, it does help prepare your body due to the presence of prostaglandins in semen. How, you ask? It helps by ripening your cervix to a certain extent (6).

Were you aware of these medical benefits of lovemaking during pregnancy? Are you as surprised as we are after learning these new interesting facts? What are your thoughts about the same? Do share with us in the comments section below! Loads and loads of luck to you, ladies!

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