Men & Women With These 7 Personality Traits Make The Very Best Parents

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Parenting is no piece of sweet cake! Those who have children will already know this and those who are going to be, are in for a big surprise. It involves a lot of thought and persistent hard work because no matter what you do, you can’t get it smooth. One of the most important things that you need to keep in mind while raising children is that they learn a lot from you. Children love to imitate their parents and this isn’t limited to the dressing up sessions and shaving cream episodes. They learn your values which is why you need to work on your personality consistently.

Here are 7 personality traits that you need to hang on to so that your children will learn the same and become a person as wonderful as you:

1) Honesty

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Everyone lies a little bit- it’s true, but make sure that you don’t lie or get caught for lying in front of your children. This will make them feel that lying is normal and it’s okay to lie sometimes because they can get away with it just the way you did. Teach them how bad it is to lie and how honesty is one of the most valued traits in the world. You may need to teach them that it’s okay to lie once they grow up so that they can protect themselves from the harsh world out there. However, in the first few years of growth, let them truly understand honesty.

2) Discipline And Punctuality

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Do your work properly and let your child learn from you. Don’t be a lousy parent, employee, or friend. Talk to your child about your achievements and how discipline and punctuality have helped you get there. Assign tasks for your children when it comes to their studies or things like helping you in the daily chores. Appreciate them for their discipline and punctuality if they are being good.

3) Kindness And Forgiveness

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Be kind to the people around you- the weak, the old, animals, nature, and everyone else there is. Teach your child to be kind to their pets, siblings, and to other people, they meet. Teach them how to be polite and how to always offer people food, say thank you, apologize, and console. Tell them that kindness and forgiveness come together, and it’s very important to forgive people who deserve forgiveness and being angry can hurt a person from the inside.

4) Smartness Is Strength

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When you teach your kid how to be honest, punctual, kind, and forgiving, don’t forget to teach them about the bad people out there. This is necessary so that they can protect themselves when someone else tries to take advantage of their good values. Show them that it is not okay when people treat you bad, abuse you, or take advantage of you. Teach them how to deal with such situations and how to not let any of it weaken their inner strength.

5) Responsibility

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Teach your child how to be responsible, by being responsible. Be there for your parents, be responsible for your children, take care of your spouse, and be good at your job. Also, be responsible for your country- your child will imbibe the quality from you pretty fast.

8) Fairness

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Be fair- to everyone, especially your kids. Don’t shout at them for silly things because you had a rough day at work. Tell them that you aren’t in a good mood and make them understand how things are. If that doesn’t work, you have to deal with it fairly because you are the parent. If you are never fair, they will never be fair to others when they grow up- not even to you.

7) Humor

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Humor is not everyone’s cup of tea but it is a very desirable quality. You may not think that you’re funny and you may not even be the type of person who jokes around a lot. Try to be in a light mood whenever you interact with your kids and don’t be a silent, grumpy mom or dad. Talk about things that they might like- come up with stories that are fun, try to be funny (even if you feel your jokes are bad), and lighten up your kids’ day.

What do you think are the best qualities of yours that you child has imbibed? Let us know in the comments section below!

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