MindKoo Unicat Wireless Headphones: Kids’ Best Stylish Gift And Companion

The holiday season is almost here. And so is the dilemma: “What do I gift the kids this time?” Their cupboards must have been overflowing with toys, cars, and more. Also, when the kids are growing they no more want to play with toys because it is the age of gadgets!

You may gift them gadgets that are fun to own, easy to use, and appealing to the eye (and the ear). Wondering how a gadget can be appealing to the ear? Mindkoo’s Unicat wireless headphones have the answer. They are not just appealing to the eye and the ear but also meet all the other criterion to be the best gift your child could have this season.

Let’s begin with its design.

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1. Stylish Cat Ear Design

The headset has two cute cat-like ears, which will enhance the cuteness of your child. The gadget comes in multiple colors — Dynamite Black, Pink Dream, Aerial White and Electric Rose. Choose a color that best suits your child’s personality.

2. Cat Ear LED Lighting

In addition to the colors and the cat ears, there is one more look-enhancing feature to the headphones — the LED lights that glow on the cat ears, as well as on the earmuffs. They make your kid stand out in the crowd. You can control the lights through its four modes.

3. Unique 4 Modes Stunning Lights

Keep it in the first mode to switch on all the lights, the second mode keeps the earmuffs’ light on, the third mode cat ears’ light on and the fourth mode all lights on and flashing. It is fun to go into a dark room, and switch between the modes randomly!

4. Super Long-Lasting Battery Life

Your kid might get tired dancing to the amazing music playing from the handset, but the gadget won’t. It has a battery life of up to eight hours with all lights off and five hours with all lights on. It means, it outlasts the playlists and movie queues.

5. Newest Bluetooth 4.2 Version, Wireless Freedom

Bluetooth connectivity ensures that your child goes completely wireless, and dance without any hindrance. The latest Bluetooth 4.2 version provides seamless connectivity with multiple platforms, including smartphones (iPhone and Android phones), PCs, and game consoles.

The other features include

  • Easygoing tone of voice, pervasive to kids’ parents
  • Photographic style — candid, portrait or micro
  • Onboard buttons on the headset that make it easy to manage the light modes and phone calls
  • Soft, padded ear cushions and adjustable headband

Unicat Wireless Cat Ear Headphones is the most stylish gift and companion you can give your child because it will always be with them — whether they are studying, listening to music, partying with friends or just being outdoors.Tech gadget maker Mindkoo is determined to build a close relationship with users because “You Define What You Like”.

Now you know what your child’s next gift is going to be? Here is some interesting information, which will cement your decision to buy the headset:

Use the coupon 72DMDJQD to get 35% OFF on the gadget. The coupon is available for all 4 colors. Hurry because the offer is valid only until 30 November. You can buy the product on Amazon.

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