Modern Baby Boy Names Perfect For Your Little Man

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Picking a name for your baby boy can be a tedious task for all expectant mums. And while some parents like to take the traditional and classic approach, there is no denying the fact that modern and trendy names have been gaining a lot of popularity this last year. In this MomJunction article, we bring you modern and unique baby boy names that are sure to make your little man stand out from the rest.


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If you are looking for a gender-neutral name for your baby boy, Aspen is the way to go. This American origin name means quaking tree.


Though primarily a boy’s name, it’s variations have been used for girls as well. Agustin is a name of Spanish and Latin origin and translates to ‘the exalted one’.


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Aahil is an Arabic name that means emperor, leader, or great king. It has multiple variations such as Ahil and Ahel, to name a few.


This Arabic name is a perfect pick for your baby boy. It means intelligent or wise.


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Originally an Arabic name, Aashir also falls under Indian and Hebrew names. This monicker has multiple meanings to it such as wealthy, happy, blessed, and living.


This short and sweet name traces its roots back to India. It has multiple meanings; the Hindu Lord Shiva is one of them.


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Brantley is another baby boy name if you are looking for gender-neutral picks for your little one. It’s a combination of the two names, Branta and Lee, and means fiery torch.


This gender-neutral Sanskrit name is a great pick for your little man. Bansi means melodious; flute, whistle and has a nice ring to it.


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This English-American moniker is perfect for both the genders. Maverick means independently minded and dates back to a Texas politician and singer named Samuel Augustus Maverick.


Colby is a popular name for baby boys and means ‘swarthy person’s settlement’. It is a name of Scandinavian origin.


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This Hebrew name is a perfect pick for your baby boy. Caleb has multiple meanings. It means brave, whole-hearted, bold, and faithful, like a dog. Caleb also means dog in Hebrew.


Popularized by the Twilight fictional character, Edward Cullen, this name is a great pick for your little man. Vampire or not, Cullen means handsome and good looking. We can’t find any reason not to pick Cullen for your handsome devil.


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This Irish name is a great pick for your little boy. It means alert; observant; vigorous.


This dashing masculine name means ash tree. Dash is a name of French origin.


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Looking for a trendy moniker for your baby boy? Emmet is a German name which means universal. It also has multiple meanings such as energetic and powerful.


Elias is a name of Hebrew origin which means Jehovah is God. It is also gender-neutral, so feel free to add it to your list of baby names if you are yet to find the gender of your baby.


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Gaja is a name that shares both Danish and Indian origins. It means elephant but also personifies other attributes such as wisdom, royalty, and abundance.


Jay is a name of Latin origin for baby boys. It means to rejoice. Jay is also a name of Indian origin which means victory. It is a popular name among celebrities as well.


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This Indian origin name is a short and cute pick for your baby boy. Kush means Son of Lord Rama.


Kabir is a name of Arabic origin and means ‘The Great’. This monicker dates back to the mystic poet, Kabir who largely influenced the Bhakti movement.


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Raif is a name of Quranic origin that has multiple meanings such as kind, softhearted, and passionate.


A variant of the moniker Aden; the name with an X, Xayden means good looking. This name with a modern twist is perfect for your little one.


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This Hebrew origin name has the meaning of ‘God is gracious’.

Did you find a favorite in our list of baby boy names? Let us know in the comments.