Modern Baby Boy Names That Are Sophisticated And Cool

First of all, we’d like to say congratulations on having a baby boy! Now that you know the gender of your baby, we’re sure you’re dying to pick out a name for them. But finding a name that suits your baby and what you’re specifically looking for can be hard. Usually parents opt for names that have been in the family for several generations and have stood the test of time. But these names can often come off as too formal and old school for this age. However, they also run into the issue of newer names being way too whimsical and random for their liking. Do you fall into this category as well? If you are looking out for names that are sophisticated but also cool sounding then you’ve come to the right place. Here is a list of modern baby boy names that just might make the cut!

1. Anderson

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Anderson is usually used as a surname and is derived from a patronymic meaning “son of Andrew”. The name Andrew was derived from the Greek name Andreas which means “man”or “manly”. So, it’s safe to say that the name Anderson has some pretty cool masculine roots. However, the name still sounds distinguished and classy. Perfect for your little classy man don’t you think?

2. Emerson

This is another beautiful last name that has started to come up as a very popular first name choice. The name Emerson has German origins and it means “brave”, “powerful” or simply “son of Emery”. The last meaning can be traced back to the Anglo-Saxon word Emars sunu. It can also sound like the male version of well known names like Emily or Emma. This strongly defined name sounds suave and cool without trying too hard. It’s trendy without being too obvious. So, is Emerson the name for your baby boy?

3. Colt

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If you want a name that someone links the distinguished tinge of the British with the rawness of the Wild West, then this is the name for your little baby boy. Colt is synonymous with the celebration of the American Frontier so it ignites very classic images of desert lands and cowboys riding into the sunset. But its real meaning comes from an English word that stands for “a young male horse”. This youthful name is full of southern charm and an untamed feeling that’s hard to come by. If your family is big or farm life, is from the South or just loves horses, then this is a great name to consider.

4. Kent

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This name is a rare stunner with a long rich history. Kent is a boy’s name that stems from Cletic origins traced specifically to England’s South East Coast. The name Kent is derived from the Celtic word Cant which means “bordering of a circle” or “edge”. The name Kent has also taken on many forms over the years. In Latin it was called Cantium and was later adopted as a surname in the 12th century. Kent is still a beautiful coastal place that one can visit today. So, if you want a name that is water themed without being obvious or has a coastal feel to it while still sounding prim and proper, Kent might just be the name for your baby boy.

5. Conrad

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This name was popular well before the series “The Summer I Turned Pretty” came out. Conrad is a masculine sounding name that has German origins. The name itself means “brave counsel” and is derived from the old High German word kuoni which translates to “brave” and rāt which means “counsel”. However, the name has a few variations which include the English name Konrad or the better known Italian name Corrado. The name Conrad sounds like something that would inspire wisdom, courage and bravery. So if you want a baby boy who isn’t afraid to speak his mind or is known to counsel people well, then Kent would be a good fit.

6. Adler

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Adler may not be the most popular name but it is charming and cool sounding. The name is of German origin and means “Eagle”. This bird is known for its sense of freedom, strength and vitality. It is also a symbol of creation and courage. The eagle is sacred in many cultures and so the name Adler also takes on a sacred meaning. The name is meant to convey the adoration for this majestic bird and all the amazing traits that it stands for. So, if you want to raise a free wild child with strength to boot then this is definitely the name for you.

Picking out a name for your baby boy may seem like an arduous process, but it doesn’t have to be. We’re sure that some of these names struck the right balance between cool, modern and sophisticated and meaningful for your liking. So, which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments section.

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