Mom Delivers Her Own C-Section Baby

Source: Facebook

A mom from Queensland, Australia had an incredible experience where she got to deliver her baby boy by pulling him out of the belly during a cesarian birth. While it is common for women going for normal birth to catch their newborn during childbirth, C-section moms usually couldn’t share the same experience. This is probably because their arms are usually strapped down to either side during most C-sections (Yes, really!). Most moms don’t get the real bonding experience with their babies. Though you get the skin to skin contact soon after delivery, the baby is generally whisked away to check if all the vitals are stable and that the baby is healthy and safe. Meanwhile, the mum also gets the same treatment. In between all this chaos, it’s not easy for most moms to miss out on a real bonding experience.

Sarah Toyer, a mom shared her wonderful experience on the Facebook page Birth Without Fear. She described it as the most incredible thing she has ever done and by looking at the pictures, we couldn’t agree more. Sarah wrote that she had already discussed her wish of delivering her own baby with every doctor, midwife, and surgeon but was informed that it would all depend on the surgeon on call at the time of her delivery.

Source: Facebook

Talking about the incident, Sarah revealed that it was her fourth cesarian and she was determined to have a maternal assisted one this time. Sarah wrote, “So, when the day came along we waited 8 hours at the hospital, then I was standing there next to the surgeon scrubbing up just as she was.”

The Queensland mom revealed that thirty minutes into the procedure, she was resting on the table watching her son being pulled out of her own body. She said that she reached down and lifted the rest of the baby’s body by putting her hands under his arm. Sarah ended her post by advising all mums to stick to their guns when it comes to the kind of birth they want. Talking to a leading news portal, Sarah also shared that she wanted other mums to know they always have an option to decide how they want to give birth even when it’s a C-section.

Here Are A Few Things To Consider If You Want to Deliver Your Own Baby

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Whether you are having a natural birth or a C-section, you can always decide what kind of birth you want to go with. While some moms like to have a natural birth at a hospital, others may wish to opt for a water birth at the comfort of their own home. Water births can occur at a hospital, home or a birthing center. Regardless of where you are giving birth, water births should be assisted by a doctor or midwife to help you in the process. Unlike before, more birthing centers and hospitals offer water birth which is considered a more safer option in case of any complications during delivery.

Whether it is a normal delivery or C-section, moms can always discuss with their doctor or surgeon if they wish to participate more in the delivery of their own baby. Of course, the decision would finally be the doctor’s depending on your case. If you are having a high-risk pregnancy, then chances are that your doctor won’t be in on the idea of having a maternal assisted delivery. But it wouldn’t hurt to ask if you wish to be more involved in the birth of your baby.

Childbirth is one of the most incredible experiences of a woman’s life and one that you will remember forever. And even if you may not be able to take own your baby like Sarah, the takeaway is that cesarian can be just as empowering and beautiful if you allow it to be.