Only Moms Will Fully Appreciate These Drawings Of Everyday Life With Kids

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While moms get supremely excited about each big milestone that their little ones achieve, it is also the small moments that make them feel happy and content. All these everyday moments can be pretty frustrating yet wonderful and lovely. Be it a peaceful cooking session or a hot shower alone, “me” time becomes a thing of the past. And, you soon realize that privacy has ceased to exist in your life, with your kids loitering around you at all times. In fact, each time you try relaxing on your couch, you will realize how conveniently your tiny tots turn you into their comfy recliner. But, don’t you secretly find all of this the most adorable thing ever?

Mom to two girls and a talented artist, Jyldyz Bekova, used her forte to create various hilarious images to highlight this. Trust us, as a mom, you are going to relate to each one of these. Here, have a look at some of our favorites:

1. Isn’t Co-Sleeping The Best Thing Ever?

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Heard the phrase “sleeps like a baby”, but didn’t know what it meant? Now that you are sleeping with your little one, you’ll know exactly what that means. This drawing really depicts co-sleeping in the most accurate way possible, doesn’t it? After all, with hands touching one parent and feet touching another, the kid ensures that no one leaves the room. Hence, mission accomplished!

2. The Evergreen Sneak-Out By Moms Across The World

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Now that you are a mother, you know how it is really not possible for you to leave your baby’s room without him/her breaking out in tears. When kids are young, they want their moms to be constantly around them. So, every time the mommies need to leave the room, they have to devise a plan to ensure they sneak out without it coming into the little ones’ notice!

3. The Much-Talked-About Motherhood Transformation

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How many times have you caught yourself reminiscing the good old days? While you know that your body is going to change with pregnancy and motherhood, the extent of it is something that can still catch you off-guard. And, some days, you may even find it difficult to remember that the old “you” ever existed.

4. Motherhood Does Come With Its Own Set Of Fragrances

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As soon as you become a mother, your threshold for bad smell significantly increases. With all the diaper changes and soiled underwear, your kids ensure that you get accustomed to these amazing range of fragrances. Don’t they?

5. Who Said That You Can’t Drown In Tears?

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The number of times that your kids cry in a day genuinely makes you believe that your house is soon going to be flooded with tears. Be it the fight between the siblings or the lost stuffed toy, your tiny tots can cry at the drop of a hat. Isn’t it?

6. Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

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How many times have you felt envious of your husband for enjoying the status of “super dad”? As you spend the entire day working hard to ensure that your kids get everything they desire, your partner swoops into the house every evening and reaps all the benefits.

7. Private Bathroom Sessions Are A Thing Of The Past

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While you would have liked to believe that at least bathroom visits are going to be private, you now know that it is just a myth. It is almost like your kids can sense each time you go to the loo. And, ensure that all their demands are voiced as you sit in the washroom.

Did you relate to this? Can you think of some everyday funny anecdote too? If yes, do share with us in the comments section below!