This Video Has A Lot Of Answers – Moms Hugs Mean More Than You Thought

Did you ever wonder why your baby instantly calms down the moment you carry or hug her? If you thought that she could feel the mother’s touch, you are not wrong. But have you ever known that there is also a deeper scientific reason for the soothing effect your hug has on the baby?

Diaper brand Huggies has come up with a touching video to drive home the point about the power of hugs.

The video captures the beautiful moment of a baby’s first hug after birth. It underlines the point of how infant-mother bonding that begins with a hug can develop into a psychological one and aid in the child’s cognitive development and growth.

The moment you hug your child, it sends signals to her hormones and regulates body temperature. A hug can stabilize heart rate, increase oxygen levels, strengthen the immune system, and reduce crying and stress.

“Is mother’s hug a miracle tonic?” you might ask. We’d say, “Yes, it is.”

Every time your child cries or is in pain or worried, you hug her out of motherly love.  And what’s more, it benefits your little one both emotionally and physically!

Over 600 medical studies have proven how a loving touch, in the form of hugs and caresses, is essential for healthy development of a child.

This benefit of hugs is what diaper brand Huggies brings in its Wonderpants because just like mothers, diapers are constantly hugged to the baby. Huggies has designed Wonderpants with utmost care so that they are as soft and soothing as a mother’s hug.


The soft and stretchable material extend a hug-like fit to keep the baby comfortable.

Kimberly Clark India managing director Suryakant Pandey says: “It’s our constant endeavor to provide superior consumer experience, in line with our vision to ‘Lead the world in essentials for a better life’.

“As pioneers of the diaper category in India, Kimberly Clark aims to transform the consumer experience yet again. Huggies believes in the immense power of a mother’s hug. Inspired by a mother’s hug, we have completely redesigned our Huggies product with a new Hug-Fit design. We believe moms and babies in India will love this new product.”

Huggies for baby
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