MORI Organic Fabrics: The Secret Behind A Happy​,​ Comfortable​ And Sleeping Baby

MORI Organic Fabrics

Your baby’s skin is delicate, much like pure organic fabrics. Their skin is so soft that every time you hold your baby’s hands or kiss their tiny feet, it feels like you are caressing the softest of surfaces. That’s why such precious skin needs an equally soft second skin, which is their clothes.

Soft and comfortable clothing, such as those made from organic cotton and bamboo, keep your baby happy throughout the day and helps them sleep well during the night. A happy baby, who sleep swell in the night is a dream come true for every parent.

This was a dream Akin and Cam, too, had for their nephews and nieces. They knew that soft and safe babygrows are important for a baby to feel comfortable and have a sound sleep. And that was how MORI was born.

MORI is a baby clothing brand that believes in giving the best to babies while also taking care of the environment. The word MORI means ‘forest’ in Japanese, and the brand totally justifies the name with their values.

Their clothes are made with a blend of bamboo and organic cotton. The super soft combination is an ideal fabric for clothing and suits the sensitive skin of infants. The products are environment-friendly as they are free from harmful chemicals.

The clothes are designed in such a way that they are easy to use and wash. The designs have been so thoughtfully made that creating a mix-and-match outfit is a cakewalk for you.

Designed in the UK and made in Turkey, the MORI product range has a wide collection, which you simply won’t be able to resist. Sample these:

  1. Front-opening sleepsuit: Make your baby wear the sleepsuit or onesie in the night and you don’t have to worry about losing your sleep. Yes, the baby will sleep without any discomfort in this babygrow, and if you have to change their diaper, it is pretty easy as you can use poppers at the bottom, and don’t have to undress the baby completely.

Front-opening sleepsuit

  1. Yoga pants and cardigans: Leave the little ones in yoga pants and cardigans during the day, and let them loose to explore the house. They won’t complain! The pants are so soft that they can be used as pyjamas as well.

Yoga pants and cardigans

  1. Swaddle bag: A mother’s womb is the safest and warmest place for a baby. But because they cannot live there forever, we have swaddle bags. MORI’s swaddle bag is a replication of the womb. Unlike the normal swaddling techniques, which could be cumbersome to make, MORI’s swaddling bag can’t come undone during the night. Make the infant wear MORI onesie and put them in this swaddle bag, and then you need not have to worry about their disturbed sleep.

Swaddle bag

  1. Sleeping bag: Just think. How many times do you wake up in the night to make sure that little one is warm in their blanket? One big thing that wakes babies during the night is cold, as blankets often do not stay in place. MORI’s wearable blanket solves this problem as it is closed from two sides with a double-direction zipper. The wriggliest of the babies can’t push it off from their bodies.

The bag has two togs suitable for each weather type, to keep the temperature inside just right for a baby to have a sound sleep. The seat belt opening suits your baby’s sleep when you are travelling with them.

Sleeping bag

  1. Toddler towel: The towel made of micro-cotton dries the baby in half the time as normal cotton, and absorbs 250 times more moisture, meaning the baby is dry and warm quicker. Can you believe that?

Toddler towel

MORI’s collection also includes mitts, muslins, beddings, throws and blankets, all made of soft and organic fabric. MORI offer a Starter Set, Sleeper Set and much more.

You may buy these products individually or as a set. By buying them in sets you can save up to 30%.

Do not make your baby wait anymore for that undisturbed sleep because a good sleep for your baby means a good sleep for you too, doesn’t it?

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