This MRI Scan Of Twin Babies Inside The Womb Is Going Viral. And The Reason Will Leave You Astonished

There’s a video that has gone viral, as the content seems to show a pair of twins fighting and reconciling while they are still in the womb! Thanks to modern technology – MRI scans and magnetic resonance imaging, we can see what’s going on inside of a mother’s stomach. In the video you can see all the incredible details of two babies moving around and communicating with each other.

The video, according to many viewers, suggests that the twins are already facing sibling rivalry. For example, during one part in the video, one baby seems extremely frustrated, which led to it kicking its sibling. Repeatedly! And then at one point, one baby is seen moving its head and jaw, which makes it look like as if its tenderly and lovingly kissing its twin on top of the head. Amazing, right?

However, there is more than what meets the eye. For example, the scan was carried out in London for a medical study. The researchers of the scan and study, along with a Dr. Marisa Taylor-Clarke were trying to investigate a medical condition that primarily affects only twins.

Now, great amounts of detailed research and studies have been performed in order to understand twins and their behaviour and movement in the womb. A researcher Umberto Castiello who is a part of the University of Padova in Italy conducted another study. To film the twins he used a four-dimensional ultrasound during the 14th and 18th weeks of gestation (the process of development inside the womb between conception and birth). After the recordings were analysed, the researchers made a discovery. They discovered that 14th week onwards, the “performance of movements towards the co-twin is not accidental.”

According to the researchers the movements made by the twins went a little like this – “they touched each other head to head, arm to head, and head to arm.” The study, using kinematic analyses confirmed that the twins’ movements were actually planned and coordinated. They weren’t reflexes, which is what most people think. Who would’ve thought that the bond in the womb is so strong between twins?

Another amazing point the researchers noticed was that the twins also appeared to be more sensitive when touching each other, such as with the delicate parts like the eyes. Then during the 18th week of gestation, another discovery was made, as the researchers stated that the twins spent an approximate 30% of their time reaching out to each other and touching their twin.

Researchers from the University of Turin and the University of Parma in Italy conducted more studies and research. They used ultrasonography, which is a technique that is used for imaging internal body structures so one can track the motion of five pairs of twin fetuses in 20-minute sessions.

According to sources, the scientists/researchers discovered that the twins as fetuses start to reach towards one another by the 14th week of gestation. This is the same conclusion as the other study! However, this study showed some other startling and interesting discoveries. For example, over the few weeks after initial research, the twins began to move less for themselves and increased movement by reaching out frequently towards their sibling.

By the 18th week of gestation the study showed that the twins spent even more time being in contact with each other rather than themselves or the uterine wall. As mentioned, 30% of the twins’ movements was directed towards one another. The movements included stroking the head or back and were more accurate than movements directed toward themselves. For example, accuracy was better than the babies touching their own eyes or mouth.

In our opinion, even though the babies may look like they’re fighting in the video, they are simply communicating with each other. Clearly a twin’s bond goes a long way.

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