These 5 Mums Have Transformed Themselves And The Results Are Astounding

These 5 Mums Have Transformed Themselves And The Results Are Astounding

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Becoming a mother is an unexplainably beautiful feeling, but pregnancy changes you, and it does so on a magnificent level. But, on the flipped side comes the unnecessary extra pounds that you picked up along your journey from pregnancy to postpartum. In a bid to shed the fat, women often resort to fad diets, strenuous exercise regimes, and unrealistic fat loss programmes. Of late, targeted weight loss is gaining traction, and women want to sculpt their bodies to perfection.

These five Australian women took to wholesome diets and custom workouts to get the perfect booty, and we can tell you that their hips don’t lie!

1. Elyce Fulford

With the mantra—one pound at a time, Elyce managed to say goodbye to a whopping 23 Kgs, over a period of 28 days. With a comprehensive schedule that involved, exercise, wholesome nutrition and copious amounts of workouts for the buttocks, Elyce transformed her buttocks in 18 months. Her elated self-intends to continue this journey of self-love, health, and nutrition that does wonders to her body.

2. Julia Meadows

We all know what a great deal of difference squats can do to our thighs and glutes, and Meadows just squatted her way to lose 11kgs. Irrespective of how busy her schedule kept her, she gave her buttocks and thighs a good workout of hundred squats a day. Hers is a remarkable journey that took her from the gloomy side of lack of confidence to the rosy side of running a half marathon.

The mother of two credits her success to the healthy smoothies, and exercise that kept her energy levels high, even amidst mundane household chores.

3. Nikki Myles

Myles’ photos speak volumes. Her secret to weight loss is one that everyone wants to get their hands on, and quite understandably so because all she did was—ate her way through her weight loss journey.

The proud mother-of-three lost 30Kgs in 12 months, (No that’s not the part that dumbfounds you), by just eating healthy versions of her favorite meals. Kid you not, her morning tea was a spread of Cheese and walnut muffin. Myles proves it that a shift to healthy eating can be a game changer. You might deduce her workouts to be exhaustive, but let me shoot that down for you. A simple walk, lots of dance, and core workouts in her living room is what gave her that booty.

So, what’s stopping you?

4. Shantelle Van Der Leeuw

If there’s one thing that has plummeted in this mother’s life, it’s her body fat percentage. Van Der Leeuw has come a long way from the days of weighing 109 Kilograms to present day 75 kilograms. And there’s been no looking back ever since. She embraced her flaws and put in handwork to get where she is today. Her key to success is to document the progress of the weight loss each day. Although this might not show any stark changes initially, the transformation will stare you down as you progress.

5. Sasha Farley

Farley dropped 25 kilograms in 5 months by just paying attention to the ingredients of her meals. The difference between the two pictures comes from a little healthy food, and some consistent butt and thigh exercises. The idea is to cut the fat before you boost the glutes.

Who doesn’t like big buttocks, right? But, you are not going to get bootylicious by sitting on it. We know that the struggle is real. Take it one step at a time. Dance, walk, run, hop, whatever floats your boat, do it. Because the only bad workout is the one that you missed. On your path that leads to your fitness goals, remember to be patient and have fun. Cut down on junk food, and give the sweet tooth a little rest. If these women have inspired you enough, then go soak yourself in sweat and wait for the world to shower you with compliments.

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