Muslim Baby Names With Meanings For Boys And Girls

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Are you expecting your baby any time soon? With Eid just around the corner, it also calls for a double celebration. But have you thought of a fitting name for your little angel? If you haven’t until now, then no need to panic. We have your back. Here is a list of beautiful Muslim names for both boys and girls. Take a look and make up your mind. Here goes:

For Boys

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Adheem: The Most Great

This name of Arabic origin is certainly aimed at greatness!

Ashar: The One With Wisdom

May your little child imbibe wisdom just like this beautiful name.

Aydin: Enlightened; Intelligent; Light Of The Moon

Your boy is no less than the light of the moon itself, isn’t it?

Basim: One Who Smiles; Happy

This beautiful name will surely suit your little boy’s smiling face.

Fadil: Outstanding; Honorable

Of course, who wouldn’t want their child to be outstanding in all that he does!

Hamoud: One Who Praises Allah

You are definitely grateful to Allah for this blessing – your child. So why not dedicate a name in His praise?

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Isam: Protector

The protector of his happiness? Yes, that’s what your child can be!

Jalees: Companion; Friend

A dear friend, a companion – what more can one ask in a name.

Keyaan: Crown: King

Your son is probably born to rule hearts – so here’s one for the King himself!

Mahad: Great; Nice

This name of Arabic origin is a rare combination of greatness and niceness.

Maqil: Intelligent

One of the qualities which you’ll love your child to imbibe.

Muhriz: Winner; Obtainer

He was a winner when he made it safely into this world. Let him remain one forever with a name like this!

Nehan: Beautiful

This lovely sounding name has a meaning as lovely as it is – beautiful!

Rafan: Graceful; Beautiful

Don’t boys also happen to be beautiful and graceful? This name surely says it so!

For Girls

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Adeena: Pious; Good Luck

This beautiful name is a perfect blend of spiritual and luck for your lucky little lady!

Anaum: The Blessing Of Allah

You’ve prayed for her and you got blessed with your darling angel. Surely, she’s a blessing from Allah.

Daanya: Gift of God, Beautiful

Another name which quite literally means the gift of Allah.

Eshal: The Name Of A Flower In Heaven

Does your delicate little girl remind you of a pretty flower? Then this name is definitely meant for her.

Eshmaal: Bunch Of Red Roses

This unique-sounding name has an equally unique and awesome meaning.

Faria: Beautiful; Kind; Loving

Beauty, kindness, and love – qualities that’ll certainly describe your little girl in the future for sure.

Heba: Precious Gift

This short and sweet name is another way of reminding your daughter how precious she is for you!

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Junainah: Garden Of Paradise

This heavenly name of Arabic origin is quite unique in its meaning and sound.

Laiba: Angel Of Heaven

An angel of heaven? Your daughter certainly is!

Lanika: The Best

You want the best for your daughter. So go for a name that’ll also mean the same!

Maira: Moon

This beautiful name will always bring a smile to your face every time you call it out.

Munize: One Who Brings Luck

Your daughter is an epitome of happiness and, of course, luck.

Nageen: Precious Gem

Your daughter is as precious to you as a priceless, precious gem. This name is surely apt for her.

Zaeemah: Leader

While talking of qualities, isn’t your daughter born to lead? Bring out the leader in her by giving her this name.

We hope these have given you enough ideas to get started. These names are not only unique in the way they sound, but they also have beautiful meaning. So, go ahead – discuss and choose which one suits your baby the best. And yes, no matter what you name your child, one thing is for sure – it’ll just be perfect for your baby!

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