9 Must-Do Things For Fathers To Build A Strong Bond With Sons

Must-Do Things For Fathers To Build A Strong Bond With Sons

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A father and son relationship is seen as a bittersweet bond which has always peaked our curiosity. Sometimes estranged and sometimes sweeter than honey, it is a special connection that cannot be understood by anyone but a father-son duo. Fathers might find it difficult to express their love and disagreements, but they communicate their feelings through little special ways, which strengthen the bond. Let us celebrate some of those cute things dads do:

  1. Gaming: What flows through the veins of young boys? It is thrill and adventure of playing video games. Every boy goes through a phase where he intensely indulges in gaming. Fathers chip in with their advice or simply become a kid to compete with their sons. What fun!
  1. Fix things together: The man of the house often marvels in fixing techniques. The son looks up to his father as a role model. When dads let their sons participate in any such adventure, sons feel the thrill and responsibility of being guided by their super-heroes, who get things working.
  1. Attend events: During the growing years of the son, he indulges in a lot of activities and develops many hobbies along the way. This is the time when a father’s presence is very important. Small acts of togetherness such as taking the son out to watch a game or the father attending the son’s play performance, tend to make the bond between the two, stronger.
  1. Screen time sessions: When the mother is pre-occupied with a number of things at home, the father and son get the best time to bond. Spending this time in front of a screen and watching something together, laughing and sharing food, brings the two closer together.
  1. Hairstyling: There is just something magical about dads introducing their sons to the world. And getting a haircut together? Now isn’t that cool! Both of them might just throw in a couple of suggestions to the barber!
  1. Start a project: Growing kids are full of energy. They are always on the lookout to do something. If fathers engage sons in an activity, such as building a piece of furniture together or assembling it, it would help the son be responsible. This also takes him on the path to learning teamwork from his father.
  1. Shaving classes: When the son hits the puberty, the first job of a father is to teach him how to shave. In today’s modern world there are several ways to do it, but this classic father-son tradition shows paternal love and care.
  1. Share stories: As the kid grows up, he gets a better understanding of the world. He forms his own circle and socializes. Here is when the father can share his stories, of his younger days and probably add a few lessons on the good and bad of things.
  1. Do a few firsts: From handing over a drink to getting some relationships advice, dads have tried to check all those boxes. With the son growing up and indulging in varied experiences, if the father gives a heads up, then the son will follow the right path. This way the dad doesn’t just help the son, but the relationship too.

Father and sons are way more emotionally connected than we can fathom, and they are expressive about their love in their ways. It is cute to see them bond and share the love and care they have for each other.

So, dads, how is your relationship with your son? Tell us in the comments below.

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