3 Ingredients That Your Baby Products Must Have This Winter

3 Ingredients That Your Baby Products Must Have This Winter

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Winter season might bring festivities, warmth and cheer with it but it also brings dry skin, compromised immunity and an overall increase in sensitivity as far as your baby’s health is concerned.

While staying indoors and keeping your baby covered up in warm clothes is one way to beat the winter chills, it is vital to pay special attention to your baby care products at this time of the year too. Because if you don’t, you might end up using something that further dries out your baby’s already dry, sensitive, and delicate skin.

Hence, to ensure your baby gets access to the best skincare products this winter season, check the ingredients list of the items you purchase. If they have the following ingredients, you’re good to go as these are the 3 top ingredients that your baby care products must have this winter.

We’ve also given our recommendation of products that contain the ingredients so you don’t have to waste time researching!

1. Winter Cherry

Winter Cherry

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Why: As the name suggests, winter cherry is one of the best ingredients for your baby’s winter care routine. Also known as Ashwagandha, winter cherry has multiple health benefits (1). This humble ingredient not only cleanses and moisturises your baby’s skin but also helps in improving blood circulation due to it being rich in antioxidants. Besides, it prevents inflammation. So, there’s hardly any chance of your baby getting eczema and improves your infant’s skin health.

Our product pick: A good massage oil rich in winter cherry can help your baby derive all of its benefits. We recommend you try out the Himalaya Baby Massage Oil, which includes winter cherry and olive oil, both of which nourish and protect your baby’s skin. Besides, the oil also helps in softening your little one’s cuticles while strengthening their nails. Himalaya Baby Massage Oil is non-staining and quite economical to boot!

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

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Why: No doubt Aloe Vera is a cooling agent, and hence, might not be thought of as the best ingredient for winter care as far as your baby is concerned, but it really is! The reason why aloe vera is essential for your toddler’s skin in winters is because of its amazing hydrating properties. It also helps in removing dead skin cells and making your baby’s skin brighter than before (2). Plus, the fact that it is gentle on all skin types makes it perfectly suitable for your baby’s skin.

Our product pick: Bath times for your baby should be limited during the winter season as they can severely dry your child’s skin. However, keeping your child clean is essential and aloe vera-infused wet wipes can help with that! Himalaya’s Gentle Baby Wipes are excellent in our opinion. They’re rich in aloe vera and anti-bacterial in nature, keeping your baby’s skin clean, soft, and protected.

3. Essential Oils

Essential Oils

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Why: Oils such as those derived from almonds and olives can prevent skin irritation, reduce itchiness and soothe your baby’s dry skin (3). Plus, they can minimize water loss from your toddler’s skin in this harsh season and ensure it stays moisturised. Olive oil can also be effective in healing any winter rashes your baby might get as it has antibacterial properties and is rich in antioxidants (4).

Our product pick: Himalaya’s Baby Lotion – if you want the goodness of olive and almond oils infused in one product! This lotion is intensely moisturizing and prevents your baby’s skin from drying out in winters. Plus, it’s very mild and clinically proven safe for newborns.

Buying baby care products that contain the above 3 ingredients can really make the winter season less harsh on your baby. We trust Himalaya’s wonderful product line-up for this purpose and we’re sure you won’t go wrong with it!

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